"Adventures in Sex Magick" Damon Brand's book. Looking for opinions!


It was made very clear to me that using Sex Magick to achieve my goals was an essential part of my ascent.

I’ve used simple techniques such as activating sigils with sperm or giving it as an offering. Tantric practices are also common in my life these days and I can easily retain an orgasm.

Despite that, I feel drawn to take more “important” steps towards mastering Sex Magick to create more complex rituals and I found this book a good starting point to familiarize myself with it.

Has anyonw read this book? In that case, what would I fin inside of it?

Thank you very much


Got it. Read it. Never used it.

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I’ve read the book a couple times, but I haven’t seriously practiced the methods. The techniques get gradually more complex, and sometimes more extreme, so you could start with the simple Basic Process and add to that as you go. Brand also breaks down how to approach manifesting a goal with sigil magick by breaking it down into distinct steps or pieces, something that is helpful for any type of magickal practice.