Advanced Cosmology of the Black Flame

Imagine you are on a spaceship. You are entering a new dimension. You feel curiosity and wish to float around in the new dimension inside your spacesuit that’s linked to your ship. Before you enter the airlock, you quickly skim over a safety manual about space itself.

Space is divided from itself by the laws which act within the space. This law is called ‘spacial law’. Converging laws manifest a multidimensional construct of spaces. Spaces with congruent laws form realms.

Objects respond to the laws of a space by their own qualities. Objects may respond differently in different spaces. Objects may change form according to the spacial law.

Objects within a space may impose their own additional laws which supplement the existing spacial law. Spacial law always preceds the laws of objects but some laws of objects may create the existing overtone of the law itself.


All this is in fact also related to the truer Luciferian idea of leaving God’s creation and heaven itself behind through a self created transformational form. A variety of cults have held this as their ideal. But dilemmas exist within the mind of a reacher to these ideals, to transcend our form and the material plane by our own power. So we ask ourself cautionary philosophical questions -

What will occur to me if I enter a space?

How might I fascilitate my will through and upon a space?

For it is understood that if one controls spacial law, they control the objects within that space wherein the spacial law is imposed.

Thus, an ideal form were manifest to accompany and empower the will so that it might act, move, and be sustained upon the cosmos. This form, the black fire form. The black fire form is like a living suit. To use it, one begins to experience the memories of the black flames history.

I know this might sound crazy but I’ve actually been in psychic communion with idealists and aliens through time who are interested in this endeavour of leaving the material world and the earth behind. That’s another hidden mystery of this symbol :#:

One time I even woke up in another body. I woke up and found myself on some spaceship. However, I wasn’t in a human body. I was in some hairless sythetic bioform created to house my consciousness. The only problem was that I wasn’t given any sensible warning this procedure would take place. So when I woke up and realized I had no genitalia, I freaked out and had some heartattack like system failure that caused me to return to my body.

All my experiences related to the black flame generally have to do with wild notions about the cosmos and alien multidimensionals that shapeshift and alter their state of matter. They have to change their state of matter to enter certain spaces and generate movement.

One of the initiations the black flame put me through was bilocating my consciousness to unfamiliar spaces. I would then have to learn how to stablize and remain stable in that new space. One time I even appeared next to a black hole. I’ve experience other related initiations that required full self control also like waking up in a pit of large bugs that look like mayflies.

The revered mother archetype of the black flame is emptiness itself and all realms understood by the black flame are understood relative to their association with emptiness. A simple basic understanding is to recognize all existing space in the cosmos to be of three fundamental types: the empty realms, the light manifest realms, and the chaos realms wherein but temporal or limited emptiness exist.

The idea behind the empty realms is that they are innumerable and essentially empty. What divides them is their spacial law. So one might perceive an expance which looks empty by a perspective, yet there upon the field are a variety of spaces differentiated from one another by their unique spacial law. So just because a space may appear empty and still, yet it may have imposing laws upon the objects which enter it’s field.

Light manifest realms are not empty but are filled with light. However, certain objects are allowed to exist within light realms under additional imposed laws. Light simulates emptiness for the objects it allows within it’s spectral field.

Chaos realms are those like that of Primordium which I have mentioned before. Primordium is the great great grandfather of all matter bearing realms. The realm of Light actually exists within the realm of Primordium as a subrealm. Within Primordium are no true empty space. Primordium is a realm wherein all stuff and state of stuff churn in perpetual rawness.

It’s my belief that I have been in communion with a new league of gods. Self manifest Luciferian gods who bear the Black Flame. I think they were once human but fused with their Black Fire forms inheriting ancient knowledge of the cosmos and the concept of space itself. Now I herald all these ideals to you hoping to lift your magickal pursuits beyond what you have dreamt magick to be. Beyond material gain and polarist ideologues obsessed with archaic egregores.

The chief ideal which is at the root of all ideals is to boldly go beyond light itself. To challenge notions of damnation and demystify all “hells”. So that we might not be banished to any place which is unfamiliar to us.

Remember the judgement which the book of revelations casts upon sorcerers, that they be thrown in the same place wherein the antichrist and the beast are thrown along with their followers and the fallen angels to be bound in chains of darkness in the lake of fire.

The idea is not to challenge God but challenge the mind who invoked such a damnation. I challenge the revelation of John the Baptist itself! And sever myself from the polarity as I enter the outer darkness. But such a place is familiar to me now. Many places are now known to me which were once before mysterious hells. Damn he to a hell who says there is a hell. drops mic


That is something I’m trying to do too.

So what you’re saying is that through the black flame, you can control spacial law in these realms, including Earth?


The Black Flame has been my personal gateway to these things. As far as controlling our locality I believe in some pretty phenomenal things I doubt others would take serious.

The idea behind the black fire is that it can pass through a variety of realms without being affected much. Gaining control is not a personal ideal of mine. I search for newness and discovery with my magicks.

I have created an anamoly myself but like I said it’s pretty far out. Involved me generating energy with my brain that created a sustained field that floated midair. I don’t think that particular instance was related to the black fire itself. In the moment the anamoly physically manifested itself I was caught in a moment of profound perplexion.


A more practical idea is to use the black fire on an inner personal and societal level. Through the black flame we pass through the societal spheres as we comprehend the physics of the soul. People are kinda like objects and societies are like spaces. Society controls people like spacial law controls objects. Understanding the laws can give one power over the objects(people) if that is their goal.

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I understand, I was just trying to decipher the benefits of using the black flame when compared to soul travel, which does allow you to explore and discover a lot of things as well.

Yeah I know some things can sound pretty ‘out there’ sometimes, I don’t even bother posting it online :stuck_out_tongue: That’s a cool anomaly.

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Alot of instinctual magick works without the mage being aware of any form at all. Black Fire is my first attempt at consciously using a form.

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It still is possible to have a form using those methods. Black Fire does seem to grant more freedom though!

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Yes there have been many times an alternate sense wakes up in some other dimension and I find part of myself in some mysterious place. Conscious apprehension of form is not required to produce form. In fact, form often shapes itself according to the requirements of our action. There is also a state of pure observation which is entirely formless. So it’s possible to not even have any form at all. I’ve personally experienced this.

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Beats me. I will cling to this world for as long as possible. And my claws are sharp.

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