Adrahnex: Oracle of the Worm

Who is Adrahnex: Adrahnex is a demoness. One whom specializes in the realms of vampirism, divination, psychic senses, astral travel, etc. She is quite skilled in vampirism, ritual vampirism at that. She is understanding of human nature and is sympathetic to a degree. She is not opposed to working with beginners, depending upon the situation

What she can teach: Vampirism, as stated. Ritual vampirism at that. She has taught me how to effectively use a black mirror to pull the mark from the astral to vampirize them to the point of “shrivelling”. Essentially to a vulnerability, where a curse could take them out effectively. She can teach divination and how to increase psychic capability. As well as astral travel. She says she teaches astral travel but I have not received such education from her.
Planet: Saturnian.

Appearances I’ve seen: what a typical demoness would look like in the mind of a xtian. Also a tan Caucasian female with brown blonde hair, thin, with a velvet red dress.
She wants her name out there, so I have placed out for other individuals to reach out to her, who feel called by her, to learn from her.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Does she have a sigil?

Yes theoretically speaking. Another spirit gave me her planetary association, in which I used that planets square to create a sigil. However I do not know how to upload it. Actually I have an idea. One moment.



Just in case.

Lemme know your experiences with her

Bumping this. It’s good time of the year to work with her. (Im dragon crow)

Interesting about Andrahnex how can I connect with vampyrism with her I would like to know how ritual is perform for Adrahnex . With your permission if can share with me to connect with her .Thank you