Adding dead rat to Hoodoo breakup jar. Good or bad idea?

Hello everyone!

I’m MeKayla and a complete newbie, and this will be first jar. I’ve never done a spell or anything before and could really use any advice.

I was thinking of being creative and adding a dead rat, which my cat brought into my house. I thought it would add extra disgust, death, and pestilence to their relationship.

Good or bad idea?

My current ingredient list:
9 rusted coffin nails
9 pins
9 shards of broken glass
Graveyard dirt
Red pepper flakes
Black peppercorns
Dog shit
Black cat hair & black dog hair
Cayenne pepper
Poppy seeds
Pictures of each person along with name and DOB
Black candle with names carved lighting candle and shaking for 9 days
Burying jar in a graveyard after 9 days



Sounds good to me.

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wow this must be a sign almost created a similar thread. Our ingredients are also very similar.

Sounds good to me as well, just remember to leave some room towards the top of the jar to allow any gases to go. This will help prevent the jar from exploding, which can happen with vingear jars, especially if you decide to add sulfur or urine later on.


Hmmm cats bring these gifts as love signs and appreciation. Probably not the best for a bane working


Good point