Addenda to bindings - possible or not?

Hello all,

I’ve had a good search around here and elsewhere online and haven’t been able to find a definitive answer to this; so perhaps someone could illuminate me on this please?

If you have already completed a binding ritual and disposed of the various parts of the spell as required but then find yourself thinking about the target, getting frisky, taking yourself in hand and chanting the target’s name and the binding again (not really for any reason other than absolute desire, passion, and to send yourself over the edge and because you really really want to send the target the kind of incredible love that makes his heart soft and his xxxx hard); does that enhance or negate the original binding?

This was done accidentally, got carried away when I came across (literally) an image of him looking quite spectacular - think Tamara de Lempicka’s brooding Marquis but in flesh and blood… Can you blame me?

I’m not going into reasons for why the binding was done simply it’s now done and it’s waiting to take effect - I can wait.

I’ve since wondered about this for future reference - if you wanted to add additional terms to a binding that is already in effect, a little like adding a codicil to a legal document.

It would be useful to know if there is a gentle way to keep him ‘simmering’ until the time is ready - I don’t want to resort to the full power of the Goetic spirits just yet but I was thinking of working with Lord Rosier, so if anyone has had experience there that they are willing to share I would very much like to hear.

Many thanks in advance.

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You are only limited by your imagination. The only issue is if you try to make an addendum that directly contradicts what has already been done… Besides directly conflicting effects that would- at best -cancel each other out, layering new effects to existing bindings should be easy, so long as you have some way to link to the binding (could even be a drawn sigil to represent the existing binding if you don’t have any leftover pieces from it).

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Thank you for your input on this as this is valuable information.

There was nothing to negate or contradict anything that I’d already put into the binding so that seems positive.

Didn’t think of using a sigil as it was pretty much all spontaneous in my home office; perhaps next time I will think things through before and be a little more strategic.

Thank you again!

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My only thing is that I cannot abide by using magick to take away another person’s free will, with the exception that they are using their free will to directly infringe upon my own. I would never outright force something, just make it more favorable to do what I want and less favorable to go against, or at least alter their perceptions of the issue to be that way.

I walk a grey path, I cannot stray too far to the dark or light, or I would fall to my own power.

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Well then we need to respect each other’s opinions and I thank you for your comment and for your initial response to my question.

Thank you again.

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Yes, I will respect you to do as you will, so long as you let me do as I will.

And you’re welcome.

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Absolutely! I know that bindings of this nature can upset some, especially when they see ‘one size’ fits all and don’t consider that the whole working is part of a longer term strategy. This if anything was a lack of control on my part.

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I use rosier, using conolly stole from daemonic love book. Its a binding as hoodo stile saw the girl,she was happy. I use another too whit a seal and 4 spirts. Cnt remeber who but it work slow but did.


Hello and thank you for taking the time to respond. I know that this kind of work goes against some people’s personal views and principles. I am grateful to you.

Addendum: I like that word! Ha ha - I’ve just bought the Connolly e-book on Amazon and it looks to be really interesting .

Funniest thing is that whenever I buy candles I’ve never needed to buy pink (almost wrote kink! oops) because it’s never occurred to me until recently to do any kind of love ritual.

Thanks again

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