Actual History Of Angels?


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veneficus literally asked me if i would ask angels to cite sources if they told me something contrary to my beliefs, which was immediately after i asked u to cite sources supporting yours…

i saw a parallel between what you and he said and i tried to lighten the mood that yall keep trying to shit on, but fuck me, im just an idiot right?

later, geniuses


For the record @calix_osseus, I agree that we can rely solely on the infernal. I was only responding to what you said about the relationship between the angels and the gods of religion. Wasn’t trying to make you feel ganged up on. :hugs:


I’m too tired to try to figure out how an academic conversation became someone being an idiot. :woman_shrugging:

I find this path (Draconian) to really be a roller coaster like some others have said here lol.

I never really thought about this, well in that way. It really does fit.


I have a couple of thoughts, mainly, I think that’s all fine, personal taste is important.

  1. The Darkness with a capital D you mention as limitless? That’s not the dark - yin that is merely the dualistic opposite of light - yang. Limitless means that as the Tao, which is the void, it is limitless potential, the primordial chaos from which all things are possible. Dark is created from the void as is light - and the rest.

Therefore, by professing to work only with the “dark”, you seem t be saying you’re limiting yourself to one side of duality,
However, you definition of the dark is not the dark, you say you’re working with the Tao, Abyss, Void. ,… But then I don’t understand what your problem is with working with light/yang energy.

  1. When you say "demons do it all, therefore I feel no need to work with angels", I think you don’t realise, angels are demons are exactly the same thing.

You can work with Lucifer Morningstar the angel as well as Lucifer the demon - the difference is the intent you bring to the table, not them. They don’t care, you’re judging based on human-based projections of politics which comes 2nd hand from questionable sources, so it’s not what you think. They’ll work with you any way you like, however. Daemons aren’t as petty as humans.

So in either case, whether you’re working from the void or working with daemons only mentioned as politically opposing some minor desert troll for some terribly romantic reasoning that makes sense to you, you’re not working “only with the dark”. So you’re covered.


I guess this is the issue I’m having. I keep equating the Dark with the void AND the darkness as in yin. I keep seeing darkness as “truer” or more intimately connected to the void because I see the void as Darkness with a capital D and limitless, and darkness as yin being a manifestation of this void within creation. Light to me just being the goal desired by the system of creation in which darkness is vilified. Thus, the yin and yang, or the balance of light and dark doesn’t fit me. I dunno. Maybe this will change in the future, or I’ll have a more concrete way of conceptualizing what I am on the path to understanding for myself.


New topic created for this so it doesn’t accidentally derail The Draconian Path and Witchcraft. :+1:


Tricky topic, this. Time isn’t linear for spirits respective to our plane of existence. That makes piecing together a “history” a bitch. That’s problem one. Problem two is, spirits, including our little cotton pickin souls, have, by the accounts of holy men the world over in every known age, progress/have progressed/will progress/beensofarasdecidedtodowhatbelookmorelikeprogress (asynchronous time’s a bitch) through anywhere between seven and nine planes of existence, or “worlds.”

Spirits tend to be very reticent on the nature of this progression, and even when they’re not their commentaries don’t make a hell of a lot of sense to the mortal minds on our plane when they try and communicate particulars.

Best I can figure from piecing shit like this together over the course of ten years’ of hard occult study and 24 years of living deeply inundated in Divine Mystery is this:

-Our current plane of existence is either the fourth or fifth, more likely fourth, of seven worlds, or otherwise the fourth, fifth, or sixth of nine worlds.

-The Fall the and War on Heaven from judeo-christianic tradition are distorted relatings of a fight between world below and world above entities that occurred a world or two previous to our own. These fights are a common feature of each world, and the particular origin of this one, conceived of as a rebellion of somewhere between a third and half of the Host of the Words Above, is to the best of my understanding accurate.


thx but my very first comment was relevant to the Draconian Path topic, unless ive completely lost my marbles


i feel like angels are celestial aspects of spirits


I like it


I wonder what your take on this is @Micah. You work with both fairly easily.



Well for one, all Angels dont work with Jehovah and they Definitely exised before Christianity

Example: Meton, Lukorst, and Deggal are all powerful beings that clear out obstacles to the Magicians Ascent.

Two, their true forms are terrifying lol on par with Demons

Ill post art work in a sec

  1. The concept of an Angel is: ANY BEING OR LIFEFORM made of Celestial energy + Light or Celestial energy + Fire.

Using the above, and Logic, we get this:

Celestial energies (planets, stars, extremely high vibrations) existed before jehovah even thought about existing and those same energies existed before this Earth and any other planet or group of alien beings.

So their actual history has to be traced to civilizations before Earth in the past.

There are Alien Angels! (Remember: Celestial + Element = Angel)

Hell a 6 legged fox could be a “Angel” see what i mean?


Ill evoke Meton on this later :thinking:


Actually this just came:

Angels are Extremely Specific and High vibrations created by Source that were condenssed into form, given personality and intelligence and charged to have domain over a particular office and given power to fulfill set tasks. They cannot go outside their vibration. That is why you cannot ask gabriel to do something not in his office to do.


Dont know why im putting this here but oh well:

If you want to create a Angel or Archangel to fulfill any task, even a Heinous or Perverted one (such as blackmail, sodomy, etc) then simply do what Source Did.
Push that Vibration out from yourself, condense it into a “body”, add Celestial Energy+ The Fire Element, give it intelligence and personality, tell it what its office is, and give it power to fulfill that task(s).

-Some Grand Angel who suddenly showed up


Guess Im the fucking Angel messenger Now :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Lol. I wouldn’t thumb my nose at Gabriel and talk mad shit and blasphemies at him banking on theoretical limitations to his vibrational range to keep her from fucking my shit up, personally.


Yea, I was just about to say something like this. I think the angels can and do choose to do whatever they want whenever they feel like it. I think they are more secretive than demons in general. Something about them isn’t very well understood yet in general, I think.


And where did I talk blasphemies or shit at him??


I’m not alleging you did. I just found the example illustrative of why you might want to take your channeled information with a grain of salt.