Actions to produce a result of evocation

After doing several different types of evocation i feel compelled to act and feel a certain way is this normal and or the demons helping me get my desired result my behaviour is not my own since my possession im not acting like myself at all and doing and saying things to people that is not like me. Is this normal?

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This is similar to the psychological effect of being around certain types of people regularly. After a time you unconsciously take on traits, aspects of their personality, little quirks, ect.

The same applies with the kind of energies and entities you interact with regularly. For instance if you regularly work with specific demons, After a time you will take on traits of those demons.

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Its funny im nice then im absolutely ruthlessly mean and insulting but it seems to produce results much is like the art of seduction by robert greene. “Mix pleasure with pain” although my goal is something im ruthlessly evil during the process i.e hateful

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Yeah that can happen when working with things that have drastically different traits. I went through this when i started combining elements. Personality shifts are normal from what i can tell.

The thing to remember is to be aware of whats happening and decide what traits to keep and which to drop over time. It’s basically hacking your psyche to how you want it once you figure out what has which effects on you.

Ok. What I would say is this. It is hard to definitely say what is happening without asking questions to understand more clearly what is happening. When someone comes to me with a question I answer to the best of my abilities. It is not fair to you for me to jump to conclusions and just wing it. That being said, what I would ask you first is this:

Did these changes happen overnight or was it a more gradual thing? The attitude you describe having in a post on here as being “absolutely ruthlessly mean” and seductive but with an attitude of hate. What I want to know is that how you have always been or is that the change that you now are observing within yourself? Who was it that you were working with? Is that the attitude of that individual? How long were you working with this individual before you noticed the changes if as I assume they (your attitude and feelings) were not there to begin with?

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Well i worked with a bunch of demon nethers from the book of azazel dra’talon, azazel,fortash, frog’latash, gra’at’talion, and lord kiltan if im correct all within 2 days evoking them as i felt neccesary for different tasks. I have been consulting with azazel daily as i have agreed to be possessed by him also to work with each demon in the book of azazel. Over the course of 2 days i have done the “blank evocation” stated in the book several times to produce a result out of nothing in essence creating something from nothing without calling on a demon so i have been doing a lot of evocations and experiments

What I feel from you. when I looked, is a mix of different entities. I feel like there is someone in you though that is affecting your behavior, thinking and personality. Basically what happened when I focused on your energy was I was flooded with a very strong aura. He smiled at me and said, he opened himself up to me and asked for this so he got it. It was not exactly a warm and friendly smile. The energy definitely does have a consciousness and I say that because he spoke to me! It is not just a collection of residual energy from the demons you have been working with although that is there also. The energy from you is very strong and dark. I like dark entities and there is a definite allure to him, but what I got is that he is very angry and vicious like you said. I think that allure and seductive side may actually be Azazel’s energies which are in you. I would say if your behavior is troubling you, then you will have to either get him out of you or get stronger and control his violent angry tendencies. Do you want him out?

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I do not want him out not at all

I dont want him out at all. I want him to stay

He had actually told me at some point to allow belial to possess me

I didn’t think you wanted him out. If you said yes I would have been very surprised. When you work with these entities they do not leave and they do affect how you think and feel. So you will not want him to leave. As far as Belial, I know he will not relinquish control ever so make sure that you want him possessing you for the rest of your life before you invite him in. The choice is yours though and I do see the draw there. I have considered the same thing (with Belial) to be honest. SO when I speak there is no judgment at ALL. I am just speaking from knowledge and giving you advise to consider what you do before you do it. I think most humans are possessed. I know that I always have multiple entities in me. I would not want them to leave EVER. SO when I speak to you please do not think I am saying anything negative. I am a black sorcerer. I am aligned with demons and the dark side. Just to let you know who you are talking to. I am definitely not a white lighter or white witch at all. hehehehe! I would suggest that you speak to who it is you are dealing with. For some reason I am getting Dra’talion either a part of him or someone under him. Not sure why or if I am right. You have to be stronger than him so when those violent feelings come you tell him to chill tf out. You have to control him and not the other way around. Otherwise you will be in trouble! lol! Meditate and talk to him. I would love to see what you find out! Even if it is PM.