Acreba? Barmiel? Caspiel?


has anyone worked with the demon Acreba? or perhaps Barmiel or Caspiel, since Acreba works under the demon Barmiel, who is governed by Caspiel. I was thinking of doing a ritual with these three demons for 33 days, but I’m still not sure about these demons. never heard of them prior to discovering the ritual, and i couldn’t find much info online. so, has anyone done the ritual? (to end a relationship, magickal attack by gordon winterfield) or contacted these spirits?


I’m into day 20 of that ritual and am not sure if I’m connecting properly. Did you end up trying?




I’ve done this ritual for around 120 days straight and it works. They are from the theurgia goetia.


Why did you do it that long? It says to do 33 days?


Because it wears off.


Can I ask what you are achieving with this? Are you doing this in a continuous cycle or are you taking days off?


Continious cycle with a few days off that i can’t avoid until I remove this guy with other means, just using this to keep them apart.


If it’s a love situation, isn’t it easier to do a spell?


No, I would rather use spirits .


Did it work?


As mentioned above all of those spirits are from Ars Theurgia Goetia. They are aerial spirits. They do not have specific powers for what one can do, they all can do! It also says they are willing to whatever the will of the magician is. As far as working with them…originally you was supposed to use the method of conjuration from the Lesser Key of Solomon, but Corwin Hargrove’s book Demons of Wrath has a good way to work with these spirits also. It only requires three days and all of the spirits from his book are from Ars Theurgia Goetia. I used it and in my experience, they were the fastest spirits to respond I’ve ever had…although the feel of pressure like a 500lb man sitting on my chest and a high pitched ringing in my ears the whole time wasn’t the most pleasant feeling but I carried on and finished it.


That should have said you are supposed to use the method for the Goetia in the Lesser Key of Solomon for summoning the spirits of Ars Theurgia Goetia.