Ace of Pentacles Reversed is scaring me!

Hello everyone~
Tonight I was in distress because I need things to work out and I asked Lucifer to show me through the cards what is in store for my life. Well… I pulled three cards. 4 of wands (upright), a Five of Swords (reversed), and the Ace of Pentacles (reversed). The last card scared me because I have sourced a product to add to my online store and will be taking out a loan. I don’t know if this card is relating to this decision or other financial decisions I am making apart from that. Is there anyone that can give me more insight into this situation? Thanks in advance!

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The 4 of wands upright is a good card. The number 4 represents stability and the 4 of wands can mean celebration and happiness. 5 of swords reversed means and end to strife. Ace of coins reversed could mean that you might need to do more research on this product. Could also mean you need to be careful about the loan. Overall a positive reading but more caution on the money front.


Thankyou so much

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