Accidentally saying the wrong name

Has any one when thinking about evocation of a certain entity but another sprints name keeps popping up in you mind? is it normal or em i just A.D.D?

Nah, shit happens oh, don’t worry about it. Some of these names are pretty hard to pronounce anyway oh, so just do your best, it’s the intention that matters. Hi


thanks i was about to envocke art harratu but yash alten keeps coming up i have fond my self saying his name through out the day by accident just randomly like getting a song stuck in your head.

You intended your ritual with one Diety however as you began your invocations another spirit answered your call as your intentions changed or the spirit could meet your goals and gave visions to you to be summoned.

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It happens! When I was trying to evoke Belial couple of times I ended up chanting Lucifer enn… I really thought I was chanting Belial enn… atleast that’s how I remember it lol!

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The first time I was working with Sallos, I kept calling him Sollas. It’s not a huge deal, but it was definitely bugging him after awhile. Also, I referred to Sargatanas as “Sarge” one time as a joke. I don’t think he thought it was as funny as I did. I got up to walk across the room about 30 seconds later and tripped over nothing, fell, and jammed my finger on a dresser trying to catch myself. Hurt for like a week. I took that as a sign and used his full name from then on.


I have had this happen with several spirits. Usually it means they are trying to get your attention for some reason. Might be best to call them up and see what they want before they decide to escalate things.


Sigil drawn incorrect it’s fine.

Name pronounced wrong it’s fine.

Wrong incense and wrong colored candles it’s fine.

None of that matters, your intention, your desire, your will and power is what brings the being before you.

Not the items which we use, they are training wheels and mediums for which we can easier use such potent power.


i v thought about that and i willgive it a try

when a different spirit show up would that mean the persons intent was not focused anuff?

It’s all about intention and desire. I once chanted the wrong names for an angelic ritual, and when I realised, I kicked myself. But the angels I intended to call showed up laughing at my mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:


then what causes imposters to show up?

From my understanding, if you call one entity, and another shows up, it’s possible the other entity is more drawn to you than the original one, or thinks it may be able to assist you better.

Now, if an actual imposter shows up, it just wants to mess with you. Part and parcel of dealing with such entities.


ok just wanted to know how to tell if entities can lie.

I’m just warning you for those who think you can use whatever symbols you want its intent that matters blah blah, that if you use the downwards pointing pentagram instead of the upwards facing one, you are going to invoke no banish, forget the rest of it. Haha, you want caco daemons talking to you telling you RHP stuff to drive you insane.
Now yeah, that is different then oh I made the triangle just a bit tinier than the circle in some complex symbol or something.

im still looking on how to prevent an another entity from showing up and is it rare ?

I agree with this 100%. One of my teachers told me that the intention is the important part. She said screw ups happen, just keep pushing as the guides of the current in which you are operating will fix it. As in “you do, we fix”


I remember reading from a Christian-turned-Hindu-turned-prominent swami, regarding puja, that every action, gesture, word (including intonation, pitch, pronunciation, sandhi), item, thought has to be exact. In his outline of how to do puja the Sanskrit and Vedic way, it ends with an elaborate petition for the deity to right whatever the pujari may have done wrong and to have abundant mercy in forgiving him and his mistakes. Such an attitude rubbed me the wrong way, but is quite common in religious culti that have devolved into legalism. Certain Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and New Age culti fall into this category - orthopraxy (correct action) is paramount, and elaborate treatises are written to explain how to do things and what to do if something is done wrong or not done.

In my experience, legalistic rites suffice for RHP goals, but utterly fail for LHP goals. In the LHP, we focus on the use of our energy/mana/ashe, which intrinsically involves our intention, our will. Let us be thankful for this, and thankful to the demons and gods that have taught us - including our fellows here in the virtual internet plane.

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I never knew that. thanks

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What about the fun part where a deity possesses you to deliberately mess it up. I have seen this with Babalon.