Accidentally cursing a frienemy

To my own surprise, after deciding that I am done with magick and occult stuff, I have had a great feedback from a random target. I have this frienemy I talk to daily. We talk about almost every aspect of our life on facebook but , since we both work in the same field, we are in constant competition with eachother and I can sense that she is stalking me and imitating me. She is somewhat obsessed with me. One day she made the huge mistake of pissing me off. As I am very competetive and frustrated, I was SO MAD, that I cursed her, in my native tongue, with all the anger and frustration I had in me, saying :" Die,die ,damn you, may all my demons come and get you, go to hell " I probably looked like my avatar lol while doing that. So the next day she didn t talk to me, the day after she started talking, saying she had had a horrible night, and she described what sounded to me like sleep paralysis, she was wide awake but unable to move the whole night, she told me her cats were very disturbed and agitated and that she felt all sorts of strange stuff but she simply couldn t move. She was terified. Sounds to me like a demon played with her. I felt sory for her and didn t curse her since , but I congratulated the demon /s for a job well done, even though I have no idea who it was.

What’s your native tongue, out of curiosity?

romanian. hahha why?