Accidental projection

My friend who has a severe pain disorder has been projecting, but not on purpose. She wants to know how to stop it. I told her fear stops it for most people… She can’t control it. I’m kind of jealous. But she’s afraid it’s evil as she is a Christian.

Get her some books by Christian mystics and mages, let her enjoy her pain-free time.

She still has pain when it happens. I wish I could do it, then maybe I could heal.

What do you mean by projecting?

Is she seeing distant locations?
Feel like she’s leaving her body?
Other people are seeing her in other locations while she was definitely somewhere else, and she doesn’t necessarily have any memory of it happening?

That’s no help, none of them could control it either. It was more of a side effect.

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What do you mean by projecting?

What she said “The out if body for me is like it hits me out of nowhere, I get dizzy, numb tingle, then I start to feel a floating sensation and I am seeing things from above but still functional in my body I just don’t " feel” functional… If that makes sense?" Something like that happened to me too but I didn’t have any body sensations or anxiety, loud noises, nothing… for me it only happened because I was totally relaxed my mind just went blank while standing up with my eyes open. It felt like I was floating upwards, I heard talking, and then my attention came down around my body and I saw colors everywhere and I was standing in front of a mirror. I’ve not been able to do it since. If I could astral project maybe I could heal this horrible disease. We both have similar health issues.

This got good feedback on here a while ago:

There’s a free downloadable book that might help.

Bilocation then, which is pretty much the equivalent to lucid sleep walking.
The lucid sleep walking comparison might make it a little easier for your friend to swallow.