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I have done exercises to develop psychic abilities, the most necessary in the use of magic, but it has not been useful. Some friends of mine began to use the same exercises, and after not being evolved, they used sigils to expedite the process. The two who used it, past a month or so, were able to advance in the exercise, and I, who have been trying for more than three years, still do not get much. I tried to use the same method they used for sigils, but it just did not work out, and I’ve tried it a few times, so it’s already another flaw in my list. Anyone going through it or can you give me a hint how I can develop through exercise?


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The issue with using magick to accelerate the process of psychic abilities is it is entirely up to you and how you perceive those things. Archetypes of the sub-conscious mind do go pretty deep when learning magick as well as energy manipulation and psychic prowess.

I’ll give you a hint on how I made my work accelerate :

Work with more people, people that you don’t know commonly. Ask your friends if they have friends who are learning to become psychic / energy manipulators. The best thing in learning is to always keep someone around who is slightly behind you so you don’t stop being humble and remember where you came from. The sub-conscious mind is very fickle and related to the Teacher / Student mindset better than the Student-Teacher mindset. Hope that helps. Its hard not to be vague because for me I worked with a coven to accelerate in my abilities.

Also, King Paimon has been apparently doing wonders for me. I’m debating beginning a sigil related to him as well as Belial.

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thank you very much for the advice, the truth is that it is very frustrating to get so caught up in something, giving your best and your time, and still not being able to achieve anything. How exactly are you getting Paimon’s help?

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I asked :slight_smile:
I’ve always felt a connection to him though, might help to figure out who you have a connection to.

I used to have a connection with lilith when I was about 14/15, but suddenly I could no longer feel her or her help.

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Maybe you should try evoking her and seeing why.
I actually planned on evoking King Paimon in a few days. Waiting for a full moon, idk why it just helps me lol.