Acala/Fudo Myoo the Immovable One

Acala, Acalanatha, Fudo Myoo, Candamaharosana, this wrathful wisdom king has many different names and has been revered in many different places from Japan, to Nepal, to India, and even in Tibet. For the purposes of this article, I will call him Acala. Acala is a wisdom king in esoteric or tantric Buddhism and is depicted as a man either standing or sitting, with fangs, a braid that trails off onto his shoulder, holding a rope or chain in one hand and a sword in the other, often with a dragon swirling around it. Flames are seen at his back and he is often depicted as sitting or standing on a rock. His style of dress is that of a servant or slave, but he is still a wise and powerful king.

Many in Japan worship Acala (called Fudo Myoo there) for the purpose of protection from disease but also for success in business. Acala is a great binder of evil spirits and also of one’s human enemies, with some tantric rituals calling upon him being used to bind, paralyze, or even slay one’s enemies. He is most effective when being called upon to slay those who are evil, cruel, abusive, or greedy. He can also bewitch, enchant, and summon others. Acala is also called upon to cut down obstacles and to bring wealth to his devotees. There are also tantric rituals for the consecration of a sword or dagger to be used in Acala’s rituals.

One of the primary spiritual benefits of worshipping Acala is the binding of one’s own demons, i.e. sloth, anger, hatred, greed, or any other obstacle to personal growth. This is done through meditation combined with mantra and ritual. Acala is excellent in creating wards for one’s property and also as a general protector even if he is much more than that. The best offerings for him are mustard seeds, apples, wine or grain beer, meat and fish, pomegranates, peppers, ceremonial fires, candles and lamps. Fire should always be offered to him as one of Acala’s names is the Light King. The very best offering to him are good deeds done in his name. If there are any questions I can do my best to answer them as Acala has been a deity I’ve worked with for close to two years now.


Also, Acala has forms in different colors depending on what sort of power is needed by the devotee. Red for enthralling/bewitching, yellow to paralyze or enrich, white to heal or purify, green to protect, blue to pacify (his most common depiction), and black to slay or perform more aggressive purification.

Oh my, i was reading about him two days ago, found his Japanese mantra on Youtube.
I was sadden to not find so much extra material related to him.

Where can we learn more about him in depth ?

Can you talk more about the mantra you are using ? And the benefits ?

What do you use to represent him ? A picture ? A Statue

What his presence changed in your life ?

There isn’t a whole lot about him available in English but luckily there are websites that publish tantric texts related to him all in English and several other languages. The best source is The Tantra of Candamaharosana. I’ve found several academic papers relating to him and there is also a sutra on him that can be found online very easily. Do a little digging and you’ll find some good stuff. Be very careful with the tantra also, those texts aren’t for everyone.

I use several mantras for him but the above mantra is his heart mantra. Reciting it clears obstacles and negativity, helps one become more disciplined, and clears the mind of delusion. There are mantras to enthrall or enchant, bring wealth, to protect, and to destroy. He can do many, many things for his devotees.

I use a boxwood statue to represent him on my altar and I absolutely love it. There are many statues of him available on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

He has removed obstacles to work in my life in a very big way and has destroyed the life of one of most vile and despicable people I have ever met. He has also cleansed my house of negative energy from the previous occupants and has helped me deal with my own faults and negativity.

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