Abyss, curse or just this negative energy? Help

I have been traveling and moving a lot having fun staying and going to states. Until I get to southern state i felt uncomfortable a bit but adventurous. After living in this state for long i felt like I was trapped. I stayed in states and i never felt this, it started feeling like a tomb to me.

Yesterday I started feeling rage that i never expressed or felt since. Then last night I was in dream and certain demon Black hair, soft voice and a boy pointed to the coupon that has state I’m living in said something about place being a warning. After waking from it; i started feeling light headed but recoveres a bit. Feels like everyone around me is getting tortured; my friends have been receiving bad luck, pets put down and some having worse week of their life.

My emotions is still like haywire feels like this place is like I’m going to go crazy. Trust me i been to every state and felt calm, but this place has weird uncomfortable feeling and demon warned me about it. I can’t move because money.

I have sage to help me around with the energy and as well as making white light be put around me. I don’t even know what’s going on. I really need help, i never been this fearful…


This doesn’t sound like a curse but just the normal frustations of life. Many events seem to happen for a reason outside of magic that are due to factors of your environment to include your job or friends. Try to visualise success and surround yourself with positive energy to get around your negative thoughts.

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