Abramelin's Magic Squares

Sorry to ask that … Rsrs I do not know if they have already asked this question …

But has anyone ever seen or used the magic squares of Abramelim without the holy guardian angel?
Without having made the operation of Abramelim …
Any book that deals with this subject?

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I’m pretty sure people on here have worked with them, without doing the full operation - can’t recall who but maybe if you do a search, there may be old topics from people no longer active that will help? :slight_smile:

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Evoking eternity has a two of the abramlin squares in it. I have used the money square on that before.
some of the squares are ruled by specific entities e.g. Asterot or oriens etc so summon specific entity for it. There are those that need holy guardian angel e.g. Great treasure one. And those squares don’t work without that. At least not for me when I tried.


Há sim… Obrigado pela resposta, eu ainda vou comprar o livro do koetting…

Abramelin Squares for Money



Sim! E você??

You can find the talismans/squares dictated to Abra-melin in the book ‘The Holy Squares of Divine Magic’ by J. Pike, ‘simplified and updated so that they can be used by even the novice magician’ i.e. no HGA.