I have to put it out there.

I’ve been wondering about the mantra “abracadabra” as the triangle really manifest “things” - i create as i speak: the maine meaning of the word ( hebrew/ greek/ abraxas / whatever)

draw the upward pyramid chanting the syllables upward + you intent and you’ll create

and draw the pyramid chanting the syllables downward + your intentand you’ll destroy ( remove)

i am not into meditation and stuff but i was curious about the spirits behind the word, so i draw the pyramid upward with the intent of making the spirits of the word introduce themselves to me and i put the paper under my pillow.

as soon as i fell asleep i had a vision of " greek men" and i heard loudly " nous sommes le peuple d’Eon" translation: " We are the people of Aeon" end of the vision… i’ve been wondering for 2 days who is Eon?!
and then i got my answer :slight_smile:

Eon is the greek God of Infinite time/ opposite of Cronos who is finite time so Abracadabra manifest with the energy of “infinity/eternity” people who are more into ethymology can correct me.
I had never heard the name Eon before, i swear, but i’ll call them for sure!

doesn’t it sound like the Enochian angel EHNB from the table of union?