About Zephron

I was curious if anyone has information on an Angel known as Zephron.
I have been speaking with Lilith and Azazel and they keep telling me about Zephron who is connected with me in a way that i will not disclose here.
The only information i have found on this Angel is that he/she is an Archangel and is connected with compassion.
If anyone has more information on this angel then i would appreciate it.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

I do not. But the spirits just pointed something out to me concerning you and a number of other people:

“Choose wisely.” The words reminescent of the Holy Grail scene where Indiana Jones must choose the right cup.


Alright thanks for the information i will take fare warning.

Are you sure it is Zephron? Is there any chance it may be Sepheranz?
Mark A. Smith from Primal Craft talks about her. You can check out this article by VK Jehannum in case it may be Her.


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Could be… Yes.

Thank you.