About vampiric aspect of Queen Lilith and semen offerings

Hi guys, in your opinion, to preserve my immune system, necessary life force, how many semen offerings should be given in a maximum in a week or month ?
Long story short I get a called, it won’t be weird :upside_down_face:

Would it be sufficient, to regain some life forces by taking it to others people tho ?

In Taoism, it is believed there is a limited number of times a man should ejaculate based on their age. The older you are, the less you should ejaculate.

If you are young and virile, you can get away with 4-5 times a week, but if you are over 40, I believe it drops to once every two weeks, and over 50, it’s once a month.

By the way, there is no correlation between the strength of your immune system and how much you ejaculate. You don’t actually lose a sufficient amount of vitality to do you any harm. That is a religious fallacy. If you are a healthy man, that is, you have no illnesses or physical issues, then having sex three or four times a week is better for you than going to the gym.

However, since you are making an offering of your ejaculation to a spirit, not just having sex, I would not do it more than once a week. Pick a specific day and time, and only make your offering then. That way, it becomes a sacred connection with the spirit, not just rubbing one out onto a sigil.



I would say, wait a few days without ejaculating before the offering.

Then when you go to make it, really get into it", fantasize, visualize, and have a really good orgasm.

The better the orgasm, the better the offering.

It’s not about the quantity,… but the QUALITY.


Yeah but you probably already know it, in our today’s time in this western society, you need to be a freakin’ good wizard to have that like every week, or you already encounter your pearl
Or Idk being very charismatic, a good flirty, or a banker etc…

Or you have the girlfriend but you spend time and you loose more money than you would with a prostitute in term or sex/money ratio
I build my bizness, the rest will come