About to evoke Pazuzu for mentorship, but!

I’m about to evoke Pazuzu for mentorship during the full Moon, but something tells me this ancient deity may not be very patient. I’m not really scared of him, at least not as much as I was when I invoked Lilith a year ago (my first evocation, I got no result.).

I’m feeling more of a hunch, something telling me to think carefully about what I’m going to do. Yesterday, my shoulder was burning, and when I woke up in the morning, I had two scratches, no idea if it’s related, but it made me think.

Several “coincidences” concerning Pazuzu also made me think that the first entity to invoke for mentorship should be him (for me), so I did a lot of research and it makes me wonder, as you understood.
I thought I was determined to do it, but he is a powerful, chaotic deity and ultimately my confidence seems to be eroding.

How would Pazuzu help me as a mentor? :thinking: I’m a beginner after all, at least when it comes to evocations.

I’ve worked with him several time and invite him to my monthly “thanks/Ancestor Worship” rituals, where I also honor those I work with.

To me, he is very chaotic, but in the hundred-miles-a-second kind of chaotic. When he’s ready to go about something, he’s READY to go. Right then. I don’t get words from him, but impressions and non-verbal gestures, if that makes sense. I, personally, don’t know how anyone else perceives him.

I don’t see being mentored by him, but your mileage may vary. There’s nothing that says you can work with and interact with him numerous times prior to asking him to be your mentor. If you’ve already done that, then I would either continue to do this or simply ask him to guide you to your next step/stage.

I never read someone say hes my mentor, maybe read baal kadmon nook u may find asnwers there.

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That was a nice book, especially for the price.

Yes, but, its his gnosis besides another bloger who post too spirts and posts here. Every one get his gnosis. If we want to progress still gota search more i wish some more pazuzus be out. And learn more. Maybe someday koetting do tat.

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