About to cry

I took a lunge off of the the mountain of failure without looking down and now I’m scared and have no way out. I evoked King Paimon to help me with my YouTube channel/music career and he gave me what seemed a simple task in return. Give up my nights sleep and finish the song I am writing. Well I started about 1 and now it’s 4am and I haven’t touched it. I’m terrified because I didn’t realize that my favorite thing to do was what was stopping me from advancing and I don’t know what I will do without it…


Your favorite thing is sleep? What are you afraid to lose?

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From a Marine perspective…
False evidence appearing real…
You have the true power to over come and adapt to what scares you, and many times fear is a mere illusion that keeps the spirit down, and the will subdued.

There was a popular saying a few years back in the commercials.
Running toward the sound of chaos, or when I was contracting run towards the sound of gun fire.

Take it head on and make it your bitch…

Take a deep breath, think about what that thing is that is holding you back… if you need to cry, do it! let it out and release that energy and turn it in to constructive action…

Hope that helps some :slight_smile:




Fear can be turned into excitement with a simple thought. Fear is excitement not recognised by you, thus why it fells unpleasant.


Lol. No my favorite thing was relaxing and watching TV before I did work and I was afraid of being bored

I evoked Lords Belial 2 weeks ago and every morning he wakes me up at 7.30 am while yelling inside my head ‘Hey Wake Up, its 11.30 am and you are still lying like a dead body here, what a shame’.He has shaken me awake from Naps (I Nap a lot in my pregnancy), made me take showers and clean up my act.He even reminds me of key appointments and promises I have made and makes me fulfil what I promise to deliver.

These Lords are true taskmasters and tough dads.They will cover you in all ways.If Lord Paimon gave you a task he will also give you support, ideas and strength.You should be open and grateful for the help.Only today Lord Belial dictated a whole lecture on pen and paper to me on creation of wealth strategies.

Be happy and fire up your creative engine.You do know that the creative brain energies work better at night?


That realisation is the gift in this, sweetheart, you need to find where the resistance is and plough through it.

THAT was what King Paimon is giving you.

Honestly wish I could give you a hug, because this is the day you finally identify the enemy, the thing that makes millions of other people go through life never finding out why their ambitions and daydreams never turned into reality.


Yeah. The sad thing is that as I am typing this I am still doing the thing he showed me was blocking me. I don’t want to give it up so I’m trying to find a way to do both :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


This is your gift.

Now you know.

I would prescribe the book The War Of Art by Stephen Pressfield. Do some research on it online (put that distraction to good use :smiling_imp: ) and see if it won’t help some.

Also, tap the outer edge of your left hand, where you would bring down in a karate chop, with the tips of your right hand middle three fingers and repeat variations on “Even though i am afraid to do what I love (or “cannot/do not want to do music” etc., phrase it as you see fit) I still deeply and completely believe in myself.”

You can change that last bit also to “deeply and completely love/embrace/accept/honour myself” as well.

Tap slightly faster than a watch ticks as you repeat those phrases, maybe sets of three of each kind of wording, medium firm pressure not to hurt anything obviously but enough to feel, and if your little finger also joins in on the left hand that’s okay, it doesn’t need to be precise.

This is Emotional Freedom Technique (simple but effective shortened version of that) and it has worked for me, my old man, many people I know.

Don’t do it as a goal-oriented thing expecting it to “do” something in the moment, just do the tapping and repeating of the judgemental statement that states the horrible truth you’ve just found out, and the part about loving yourself regardless.

I’ve got to go do a thing now! Honour your gift, this is truly an important day. :sparkling_heart:


PS it’s not weird to be scared to do a thing, and yet love that thing, this is actually how human society evolves, breaking comfort zones.

I am literally dry-mouth scared sometimes with magickal work, the difference is I never let that stop me, and see it more as excitement than fear.

the list of successful artists who had crippling stage fright is enormous, and yet they force themselves onto the stage. The list of talented people who let the knowledge the fear was WAITING stop them, and kill their dreams without ever testing what’s on the other side of that fear, is many thousands of times longer…


Once again you are awesome