About the upcoming eclipse @26-12

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I have been researching & practicing around for a while, but I didn’t stumble upon eclipses yet.
Is it the same as a full moon or… what exact symbolism does it have?
Does it have any significance/influence for the performer of magick?


Yes they create chaotic change. Especially if more than one happens within a short time frame. You’ll see a lot of relationships ending, people moving, losing jobs and getting new ones. They cause growth through the change.

Last year we had three over the course of the summer. Rocked people’s worlds, I even had athiests coming up to me asking what was going on because there was so much change and they felt like “something is in the air” and figured they’d ask me my thoughts because everyone they knew was going through SOMETHING, mostly every couple they knew was breaking up, at the same time they were breaking up. Couples who had been together around ten years or so and longer.

Major Tower Card energy. If you are planning on doing any sort of internal alchemy and transformation, it’s a good time to do it.


Thank you very much.
Yes! Last year I have certainly felt that interesting energy that stirred things within (maybe a weird example but actually lost over 35 kgs that year (77 lbs)).
I experienced it as some weird intense urge to transform… If that makes sense.
Again, my gratitude for your answer is huge!

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It has been my experience that solar eclipses cause a spike in the energy of demons.


I CONCUR! I noticed that.


The reason that is the case is that demons thrive on darkness and a lack of solar energy excepting moonlight which seems to excite them for some reason.

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That i don’t necessarily agree with. I think it’s that demons embody transformative and evolutionary energies themselves, so an eclipse would create an environment where their impact is amplified.

But everyone is entitled to their own ideas.

Makes sense on an elemental level as well as dark energy the elemental energy is very linked to the elemental energy lunar and demons being dark energy beings it does benefit from such.