About the offerings

Hello Everyone,

I was working with an angel this morning, it was the second time I choose to work with her.
I sensed very loveably energy
She was nice and gentle
So I wanted to offer her sweetened fruit juice and some sugar, after we end our communication she pointed my offerings (I use my pendelum) and something inside me told me to drink it for her.
So after I done fasting I drunk my offering like she wanted.

I am still curious about the offerings you got better ideas?
Do I need to put another glass of sweetened fruit juice in my altar.

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No, because it wasn’t the juice the angel wanted but the experience of tasting it. That is why you were told to drink it, so she could have that experience through you.

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What so do you think she wants ?

You already gave her the offering when you drank the juice. You don’t have to give another.

Thank you.
I had to wait for little.I drunk it after my fasting is done.Hope that is still accurate.

This is very good practice , keep it up. So long as your intentions are positive , angels will assist you .

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