About the demiurge

I have read the other topics about him and I didn’t really find what I needed, so my issue is below along with my question.

I have recently discovered the whole demiurge thing. I went to sleep last night, Lucifers sigil under my pillow. Somehow I end up on a lucid dream or something of that sort. There I am telling my sister about how evil he is, pretty much the whole story. Then she disappears and I only hear “I can make you kill your family”. So, I write on a letter “God made me do it” - just in case something happens. I was very aware of everything. Then, I see him. It’s actually masked as an evil religious old woman I know, who does work for him. I hid the note under the carpet and hope she wont find my Lucifer sigil. Then, I was kinda pushed on a wall (not violently), and s/he sort of makes it obvious I can be given what I want. My mind goes to the thing I have always wanted, the reason why I defied God in first place. So, I was like “sure, make it happen” in my mind I was saying “I need to get stronger so Lucifer can pull me out of here”. S/he then starts touching certain parts on my body, sort of like points and gives me some strong vibrations. I felt them even irl. When I saw the right hand, it was deformed and I pointed it out to him. I was like “you can’t do miracles huh?”
Was in a forest with other people after that, then somehow once again on my house. He said someone from his side (Lucifers) was trying to damage me because I am rising, and I will rise more. Pretty much was trying to make me feel unsure about how wanted I am on this path.
It was all psychological.

My question is, is there anything that can cut my “connection” to him? I have checked the other topics and there was a chant but there was god mentioned.
Thank you in advance.

You want to cut ties with Lucifer? I’m a little confused and will re-read your post a couple of times, I just woke up my apologies if i’m missing something here :slight_smile:

Not with Lucifer. I want to cut any ties I may have with the demiurge

My apologies, I should had been clearer when I wrote that :sweat_smile:

I knew I was missing something LOL

I’d suggest not believing everything you read, as you said you just started to read about the demiurge. It seems like you’re falling for the concept way to quickly.

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You may be right. However, I have known that the JHW is evil, for quite a long time, so I had stopped bothering with religious stuff or concepts. Hence why I found the demiurge one quite late. My problem is that he (or some very similar entity) is getting on my way of communicating with certain entities and I believe cutting his influence over me will make things easier. I seek advice from those who are experienced, hence why I am here:)

Many beings are considered demiurges, the idea is if you feed power to them as such you’re already giving such power over you. In my experience anyway. So there’s no real ties unless you form them. Have you looking into banishing rituals to remove whatever it might be?

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Yeah, I have, and definitely going to do another one. Thank you!:slight_smile:

Sounds good, I was going to say look into the Lesser banishing ritual or greater banishing ritual

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