About the book "Angelic sigils, keys & calls" by Ben Woodcroft

Hello Everyone,

I have been reading this book and I found that sigils inside the book re effective.
So I wonder if anyone out there tried to work with them.

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It look like you must have tried this…

But I tried the search and see what I found!


Click the link above
Good luck;

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It says no result found

Just press the search key that is in colour white and blue background or copy and paste this
" Angelic sigils keys and calls " without the quote .

I changed the thread’s title to make it easier to see what’s this all about.

Thank you

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I used this book to contact Damebel since I felt uneasy. I asked to be protected by evil influence. I did the ritual last night, felt a slight presence but that’s it.
After 20 minutes the uneasy feeling was gone and I had a pretty wonderful dream.

So I’d say the book has potential, I will use it more


Yeah I also work with angels inside the book that was beautiful.

One of my primary books.

What have your experiences been with it?

You should check the book goetic words of power it is even better


I have Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove. Is it similar to that in anyway? I’m curious because I now multiple books on Goetia and I don’t want to get yet another that’s more of the same.

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Instant results, that seem to shake your world

I also saw a lot of things get wasted on those who arent that intelligent - ie. you cant change the world or give idiots a chance to change then lose 3,4, even 5 times what they gain from your good will, life has a way of needing people to run a course and path no matter what i tried to change.

example, i wanted my daughter out of an abusive home, in an an instant i happened she got out, got a new job, was going great… then she fell back to the abusers (mothers) home and lost it all, then tried again… she got to stay with me this time, i got to get PAID for maintenance (unheard of ive been paying thousands for 18 years) so it was win win… but then shes lies, takes the mick of our generosity, she runs away and back to the abuser.
I then try again this time she moves out, get her own place, with her boyfriend, a new job, and it all goes well

Then due to her sneakiness he kicks her out and shes back home…

then she out again in the world, her own place with no boyfriend and another job, but then loses it all to vanity, spending her rent on hair extensions and Instagram poses, goes on on holiday illegally during covid… she loses the job as shes stupid (thinks the tax man pays in chunks and work ddint authorise holiday!), no money no rent and THIS time i lose out on the money as she borrowed for rent

The big lesson here, was some people cant be helped - they also caused us great pain being around us, the lies, negativity, daily stress, eventually until she was gone and out of our hair we couldnt get back to being close.

So, its hit and miss, you cant change your life plan for the good if idiots choose to make bad decisions.

Choose wisely, if you say “yo i want to be a millionaire” expect to lose your current job, house, maybe wife and become that millionaire from hitting rock bottom first… you get me?

I get you. Sometimes the current life path you are on does not allow for the outcome you hoping for. So the only way to a achieve that is by restructuring your life which is sometimes the only solution. This requires alot of change over short period of time and can be very painful.

Yeah many of the books I have been reading recommend that your very first operations you do in them involves workings for increasing personal wisdom and learning your true life path.

An update on here, hmm I dont know - the situation has now changed again. So again i look for help - the daughter has come around here talking like anyone else, later i get harassment calls, texts, and further belittlement, emotional abuse and turning my kid against me at all cost. Its as if she has passed on everything we spoke about to the ex wife and the ex wife comes hunting. Complete mis-trust.

I do suspect she is working with something on a regular basis that is very negative, even hearing her smarmy mocking voice is like connecting with something very dark and sinister. She even moved into a church with dead people in the walls in a graveyard