About the book "Angelic sigils, keys & calls" by Ben Woodcroft

Hello Everyone,

I have been reading this book and I found that sigils inside the book re effective.
So I wonder if anyone out there tried to work with them.

It look like you must have tried this…

But I tried the search and see what I found!


Click the link above
Good luck;

It says no result found

Just press the search key that is in colour white and blue background or copy and paste this
" Angelic sigils keys and calls " without the quote .

I changed the thread’s title to make it easier to see what’s this all about.

Thank you

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I used this book to contact Damebel since I felt uneasy. I asked to be protected by evil influence. I did the ritual last night, felt a slight presence but that’s it.
After 20 minutes the uneasy feeling was gone and I had a pretty wonderful dream.

So I’d say the book has potential, I will use it more


Yeah I also work with angels inside the book that was beautiful.

One of my primary books.