About spiritual currents

Hey Guys, so for celebrate JS and barbie reverse bapthism, i wanna start this topic of how spiritual currents work, and how they work with you after you pass away!
Did you work with one once in you life? How does it work? Is similar to selling your soul, or it’s just the opposite? What do you know?

A current is like a school of thought


Spiritual currents are a bit like religions…
The only difference is that they are not institutionalised.
So they can do whatever they want…


Could you tell about your experiences with currents? It would be cool

I agree with Seph.

I dont get it. Could you give me an example of currrent working?

Well, the idea is that they all pretty much believe in the same things, human ascending, spirituality and the Divine.
Whilst one current tells you that you are the Divine and you will ascend by doing rituals in a certain manner and believing in yourself before anything else, other current will tell you some God is the divine and that you will only ascend if you follow that God, you should only believe in that God.
While other current will tell you that spirituality is all within you and there are many Gods and we are all part of the Divine, the only way to ascend is within you and your belief in the Gods and working with the Gods to ascend.


How does thesse currents work with you after you pass away? Like, if i was baphtised in a veeery young age, but i iniciated in a current of a other god (ex. Ishtar). How it will go to me after i pass away?

I ask this becaus there isnt a very much expencive library taking out this topic, so why not ask anyway

Depends on you, a Christian believes they are going to face judgment when they die that affects them when they die. Same with any other belief system.

ooooh i get it

At the end of the day its always your choice whether you want it or not

This thing that you say, it’s the thing that some people call paradigm right? How you perceive the spiritual based on you believes

Absolute chaos, that humans can access only by means of having it dumbed down

What do you mean?

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My bad, I thought you were asking me about my beliefs, i misunderstood you. Uh, idk if I would say a current is the same as a paradigm.

Cesar, you dont initiate yourself in the current of another God.
Another God is not a current, i think you misunderstood me. I can see your English is not very good so maybe try and translate what i said.
When you die, none of it matters my friend.
You die.
Whatever you believe in this life, stays in this life.

Yeah thats the thing. i question this idea of initiation on a spiritual current, because of initiation rites and stuff.
For example the Astarte spiritual current.
I innitiate on it, and stuff its going to obviosly happen in my life because of it.
But after you die. how does it work to you spirit?
And specially on you if you were forcefully innitiated on another religion or god, like baphtism when you were a child.
How does it work out, you know?

I think your question lies more in the subject of death, and less of the subject of currents. Another way to view a current, is a literal current of electricity or water, flowing through the vastness of existence. Gods and humans are like this too, and all can be tapped into to learn from.

Eu ja te respondi isso Machado.
Quando morres, morres.
Ninguem sabe, porque quando morres nao te lembras desta vida.
Nao importa, simples.
Faz o que quiseres.