About some kind of attack or contact recognition

I have pressures and Booz to the head in the dreams, have someone of us same experience? Probably from spirit or human

Pressures and booz to the head, this was within a dream? Could you elaborate?

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Yes I am not awake but I understand that it is from a spirit or a human being evolved because it happens a lot year’s also after summoning

Who did you summon?

different spirits but I think it usually comes from demons, it might not be bad just because of an increase in energy

Okay, could you elaborate about the pressure and booz specifically? I’m trying to understand what you mean by that.

I’m also curious to that, I’d wondered if others had had dreams being affected by… whatever recently… Last night in my marathon dream session it ended with me ripping a parasite off of myself and its whole angle seemed to be bringing up memories of people I was fond of many years ago. Don’t know if this corroborates with the original post because I’m not quite sure I understand what he is trying to ask.

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In this dream yesterday I also saw a person who had erotic contact and also someone who have very strong focus, is teacher in martial arts

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Haha I hope it wasn’t me! Do you know what kind of martial arts?

If your name is Maria maybe,Kyokushinkai karate, is strong style

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I’m not familiar brother, but that name rings bells

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More versed in Shaolin myself haha

Traditional Shaolin Gong Fu* Not chinese wushu

Except that I had erotic connection with 2 women’s with this name, I also think that it used by Demons with the masks of woman’s with this name (for example to have sex with them) to desecrate the Holy Mary :smiling_imp::smiley_cat:

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It’s mad the similarities, I remember 2 nights ago my time with 2 beautiful girls… I never caught their names though