About scrying bowl

is it have to be silver or it can be also stone?
(im trying to find a good one on the internet)

I use a simple, round, black plastic oil pan from the auto parts store. It’s big, black, and has a flat surface. It works really well for the purpose. If you want “sexy”, this is not it. But it works just fine.

You just want the surface you are scrying into black. Use black India ink in water and it won’t water what color the bowl is. Stone would be good. Use what you have. I started using my Mom’s glass bowl when I was a teenager to scry with black water. Worked fine.

You can also use used motor oil. I’ve heard good things about it as a scrying medium - though you may not want to use it in your house, heh.

You can make one easily with a clear glass bowl from the cookware section of a store. Just find one without markings on the bottom, mask off the inside with masking tape and spray the outside down with flat black spray paint. I made a scrying mirror like this using a picture frame. Just make sure you clean the surface that’s going to be painted to remove fingerprints because they will show up between the paint and glass.

So, the lesson here, Chief Doom, is that you can really use whatever you want.

If you want an awesome/sexy stone bowl, then get one. It doesn’t even have to be black, though that makes the reflection easier to see. You could probably find a really cool one in a garden center - look for bird baths and things like that.