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So, here are lots of interesting questions and answers, but I do not know if everything they say is real, but I do not find what I’m looking for yet. Although I am very young, I have studied some things about occultism for a short time and I know that I still have a lot to learn. I recently asked a question here about a pact with “lucifer”, but I still have some doubts, such as:

Many people here talk about making a daemon that I identify with, but I do not want to, I’d rather get right to the point. but I wanted to do with the most powerful entity, who do I think would be “lucifer” or not ?! I am almost sure that a pact with the devil is possible but extremely dangerous…Why the stories I hear here are very unreal too, why instead of you trying to contact some daemon, wasting time, do not sell your souls soon ?! If you can talk to some entity, why can not the pact be real too ?!

And what should I give him in return? Many say that the soul can not be sold, but if it is true, I would give my soul, I know it is risky, and I know the consequences.

I know the right thing would be to study for a while longer and try to maintain a relationship with an entity, but there is no way to make it faster and more efficient ?!


The worth of your Soul depends on how powerful it is.
Meditate and strengthen your Soul through chakra work and Invoking Demons, Angels, Gods, and attaing their power.

Learn how to create servitors or Dopplegangers of your own Soul. This is a Plan B just incase you get duped or shit doesnt go as planned.

Afterwards, summon a particular entity and talk over Selling your Soul for a particular result in the real world.

The most powerful entity? As far as what we ARE CURRENTLY AWARE OF its somewhere in Between Satan, Luciferx and Moloch in the category of Demons.

There are Demons way more powerful than any of the 3 mentioned above. We just havent find them yet.

Angels? I would Say Metatron.

Gods? Depends lol

Overall? Sat Nam. He is the Creator.

Above overall? Eternal Source.


Of course the above is:
SImplY My OPinIon aND hAS nO inFLuenCe oN reALiTY loL Am i RIte?


The thing about pacts is that the demons know more about you than you know about yourself. I think it would be wiser to ask a demon you feel a connection with what a pact could do to help you in your ascent, rather than to try and work out a pact yourself and present it.

Perhaps just start with trying to make contact with entities first? Have some conversations? I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself wanting to make a pact with the most powerful demon you can find.


how do you get in contact with some entity like Lucifer ?!
I hope I do not need to do those bizarre methods that many people say

You just need his sigil and his enn.

He’s probably aware of you to some extent if you’re thinking about him.


Yes, what she said :slight_smile:.

You just need to sincerely want to make contact. Open your mind and heart while chanting his enn and gazing at the sigil. Write down any impressions or feelings you have. Ask him to appear in your dreams and let you know he’s there.

Affirm to yourself in your head as you go to sleep something like, “Tonight I visit Lucifer in dreams”. Do this every night and you will make contact for sure.


The pact is very real. It’s a legal binding contract.

You need your soul and they don’t want it so keep it.

There are no “shortcuts” when you’re first starting out.

Baby steps. Learn to tread water first. You shouldn’t try to rush into anything big.


If you want results in a day then I need to disappoint you. Firstly you must learn to understand them. They say things in your mind (inner voice, or thoughts, direct us to books or videos). And even if you have practiced magick for years. It’s not like supernatural that you see Crowley beside your bed :wink: . You can enhanced seeing by your third eye or other tools Scrying. But that needs practice also. So a figure can be possible, but it depends on your skills.

1.Get into TGS (meditative state, mediate as long as you need, sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes in 30 min). You have to open your astral senses for that like I’ve said. There is a nice guided practice. Look at all the Ciair vids:

2.Make contact Sigil
3.Incantation to make ritual more powerful (if you have it)
4.Communication (divination, scrying or pendulum for example)
5.Make your request (issuing a task) which you have written down (beforehand)
6.Dismissal (Banishing), for Lucifer I don’t use a banishing.


if I can not offer my soul, then what do I offer ?!

For starters? it depends on what you’re trying to do.

Why do you want a pact?


Lucifer likes Red Wine, Chocolate, a big thanks :wink: , Dragon incense. Even coffee or breakfast.
The offering you leave there for a few hours. You can communicate that and then dispose.

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I want to do it for several personal reasons, I would not want to do it for bullshit, it’s very serious for me

Your soul is yours, it’s given to you by the creator/source. You are unique, so giving away you wouldn’t be an option. By te way. Lucifer is not interested in your soul.

Another option is a simple prayer to him. Do that in a meditative state so you prepare and write your intend (what you want).

Oh and see them like friends or co-workers. So start with a meet and great. Not like, ‘I want a million dollar on my bank tomorrow’.


Really? Kk

This method worked for me but I modified it a bit.

I’ll type out my experience with Seere.

So I found his enn on youtube and I listened to that for at least 3 days as often as I could. I listened to his enn while I was at work, I had it on loop when I slept, and I listened to it in the car instead of music.

Then on the night of the ritual, I waited until my entire family had gone to bed and I either played his enn out loud and chanted with it or just chanted it without the aid (can’t remember)

Then I meditated on his sigil/ stared at it until I felt his presence on my back and spoke my peace.

My offerings were some sweet smelling candles and I agreed to make a post about him on BALG then I dismissed him with thanks.

That’s really all you need to do if you want to make contact and have decided to ask for help.


Yes it’s energy for them just lik water, wind, fire and earth (four elementals). Every energy is different so they like other things too.

I mentioned the thank you because many people forget that Lucifer still is a great Archangel.
Angels mostly accept an appreciation.

Another thing is he loves music :slight_smile:


No one is saying it’s not serious but I’m trying to tell you that you don’t need a pact for them to help you.

Besides like I said earlier- You’re new to this and you need to work on being able to hear and speak to spirits in order to have a successful pact.

Or you could just not listen to us and rush into a pact without knowing anything about the spirit, not be able to hear their replies and will ultimately be unsuccessful in every way, shape, and form.

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@chi is right. I talked to Lucifer about a problem I work on and I said do I need a pact. The answer was NO…


Okay, I’ll do everything they told me, thank you :black_heart::black_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: