About NAP and Emperor's technique for it

I’ve been practicing Nap using Wright’s complete nap rituals, Complete new avatar power rituals
and I honestly read through like about half of the book.
Yet, I always had a problem completely relaxing so I’ve started to use binaural beats for it, and I noticed Emperor’s technique for it that seems intriguing.
The Miracle Of New Avatar Power, revisited - #2 by Yazata

I noticed, you have to call upon the Enochian angels, and I’ve seen a lot of warning signs that Enochian magick shouldn’t be done if your still green to the whole thing, which I am.
So what are your opinions? I am still pretty new to practicing magick.
Thank you in advance.


@emperor 's expansion of NAP is amazing and impressive. I personally do not think Arzel is the Enochian ARZL and have not worked with him in that way.
My experience with Enochian is limited to scrying the first two aethyrs a long time ago.
Btw: Arzel is also the main Angel contacted in Damon Brand’s book 72:Angels if Magick.


Enochian is not more dangerous than Solomonic.

Getting burned in your magick is part of the process. Example a month ago i did a dead simple 5 minute LBRP to call Raphael and ended up in bed for 11 days with COVID. I’ve not had those kind of problems with Enochian at all.

To learn Enochian read Aleister Crowley’s book Liber Chanokh. Al explains the Enochian system pretty clearly and gives all the scripts you need to build out your LRP.

Scott Stenwick also has two great books on the Enochian Great Table and Heptarchy that explain how to use Enochian with the Pentagram and Hexagram rituals.