About me

alot of year i want to learn hight magic i read a lot of book and …
but they didnt work finaly im go to the egypt and i learn old magic
and i send my experience to the forum
i hope its be useful
just you need to know after 30 or 40 years u can be master of art
and u need to all ancient languages like hebrew -hindu-persian- syric &other
i trying hard for many years
i working in ancient magic .

Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading about this old magic: lordmahannew in tales from the astral retirement home.

is it possible say to me for what operation ?
for love for summon and other we have diff kind operation
for example for summon jinns they living on earth first of all u should to know his element and etc
for love its possible u want using from the astral talsem for this u should to using but alot of talsem or summon they dont need
come back to ur jinns and demons
but when u working with demons it cause death poor and … into ur life

This isn’t even close to coherent English. You could type in your native language, and perhaps a forum member would be able to translate, though I suggest you find a better translating app/site.