About Lying

This almost sounds too stupid to bring up; but i kinda have a real handicap.

I have always hated lies lying obfuscation yellow journalism, etc. From my toddling days- i was always straight up, 'yeah that was me", " do not lie to me I I will make you fuck yourself for it", and “Expect me to lie??? get really comfy it will be a very long wait!!! [the main reason i was officially labelled a “Serious Threat” and thrown out of what most people think is the sainltiest church of uprightness”. I never in my life saw any lie which landed well enough i thought it would be a good concept to practice. I have lost jobs, friiends family, churches, you name it. I will happily take any loss rather than lie. over the past 5 years— i have been working on that. As one firend said ;“you are getting too old to always be telling the truth”… So I try, and 5 years i am still not able to. I have always been able to walk right up to authority or ‘presumed source of fear and punishment’ and have actually found, “TMI” has done me far better reputationaly and nearly every other way.
Confession time.
yeah, last night I took chalk, and drew a line around the front of mine enemy’s house, with afew sigils of my own make within. Yeah I I called down evils and shit for them also; it works really quick, as ‘fear’ ‘discomfort’ and several oof the other ‘feelings’ she had were spot on what i am working for. must have worked good- about 10 mins ago a cop came to my house informing me they are not blaming me, but someone took chalk and … . Who me??? Then proceded to lie like the shit and whine about her and her husnabd constantly attacking us and threatening to pound me, this poor old man who can’t even hold his g-kids because his shoulders simply can do it…[ on a bad day that would be true…but]
I actually thought about it and actually delibrately lied— to a cop even !!!
i am kinda proud, kinda tripped out, wow.
i know, for many people this sounds nuts, but I guess I better study and practice more. Kinda got Linda Perry “Whats going on” roiling through my head— if I can do so much damage in my life by telling the truth, wow, imagine the fun i can have on my enemies by lying!!! none of this is about Good v Evil , it is about war, between the “Big Brains and the Little Brains” as Rip Torn would put it.
i am actually savoring whatever is terrorising someone.
I think a new blood red horizon is gathering for me— and its a good thing.
i need a joint.
sorry, just had to get this out. wheres the fun in not sharing?


I commend you for being an honest person. But when it comes to cops and what not my answer is “I ain’t see shit.” :laughing:


I say Belial is with you brother, he is the best liar I’ve seen lol. Sometimes you have to know when it needs to be done and when it’s just stupid and petty. :wink:
Awesome job.

@J.A.Ragnarson. hell ya :smiling_imp:


You know, it is possible to tell the truth but to do so in a way that misleads. Or at least to be diplomatic. I suspect you don’t just tell the truth but you do so in a blunt manner. So do I at times.


I’ve always abhored lying to my core.


Totally agree and working on it. one would think when I wrote a paper on Literary Fallacy usage i would have learned abit more. haha

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