About lighting fire for sigils/Sastan

I can’t get everclear where I am, so I tried whisky. Lighter is not something I use often so I didn’t feel safe lighting the whisky directly like EA does in the video. I set a piece of paper on fire and dipped it in the whiskey. The paper burns for a while, but the whiskey doesn’t catch fire.

So instead of whiskey, I ought to use ethanol/grain alcohol? Or anything else I can do to get constant uninterrupted flames?

Grain alcohol should work fine, since that’s pretty much what everclear is anyway. Just be careful not to use anything like rubbing alcohol that will make toxic fumes when lit.

I mention in another thread post (where a similar question was asked) about how you can use alcohol and dry-ice to reduce it (~ cold distillation) which strengthens it < if you can find that post via search >

(I’d recommend cheap vodka, as cheaper seems more stripped down- ie less added flavor/oils… and vodka seems to have less oil-essence than Whiskey-Bourbon, per the coloring) if you do that, you should be lighting the “fumes” not the liquid… if it is strong enough it sort of vapor gathers- and lighter to that, thus above the Bowl edge height (if that works, if that doesn’t feel comfortable then a flame- paper or better wood piece, like a match or/candle wick/ to hold near… but it is the humidity of the vapor rising [ie higher the proof, or higher % the less water mixed in… and as water doesn’t ignite- dry it out :)]
(the Proof is in the burning.)

  • as the meaning of the word comes from the gunpowder lighting when soaked in Strong Enough… if not strong enough to light- not proven worth as pmt