About Hell

What is Hell?
A metaphysical place or something inside the deepest ravines of our psyche?


Hell is a place where god thros around his children with out saving them to bost his ego, apparently it’s a place were no heat in the world is compared and underground place where god punishes who are as powerful as him with no mercy
if that place exist
Wanna hang out with Saten ??:laughing:


Both because from my experience the internal is a mere mirror of the external existence.

All is within and out, hell is a big realm with many other levels to it, like the abyss, infernal empire and different levels etc.

Remember all this comes from the infinite void and we are a product of that huge infinite void.

So in practice and theory this suggests all of us whether our psyche or our soul is a microcosmic version of our macroeconomic worlds.


@Vovin @anon63404644 As far as pure scripture goes Hell is a plane of fire, darkness, and demons. It is both a place of eternal torment for those who cross the will of the Infernal Lords and Ladies, or renounce the Path and turn to Heaven spitting in the face of all the blessings they have received from the Demons they once served. (It’s considered a betrayal. They helped you, and you are turning your back on them). It is also however a source of power, and for those of true faith an eternal paradise where all your dreams can come true.

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I don’t really know if haven and hell really do exits, to me demons are fire cratuers not creaturers who came from fire .in spiritual world, people have bodies, live in houses, enjoy community life, and are surrounded by landscapes are like those of Earth, with familiar plants and animals. However, things work very differently in spiritual reality. Everything there is vivid and much more alive. What we see responds to what we are thinking. Since demons are fire spirits I wouldn’t be shocked if they created there own world but i wouldn’t call it HELL . If i ever summon Lucifer I’ll ask him about it ,but I heard that they avoid these questions


Hm, how do I explain this…

You see, everything is connected.

In your physical life, you are connected to your house, to your parents, to your friends, to your country, to your government, and all those are connected with, again, you, your friends, your parents, each other, nature, and so on.

Everything on the physical is connected, like one big cat’s yarn, but it is not easy to see, and the results of this connection sometimes take a while to come to fruition.

Now, when we go to the astral, it is absolutely the same, with one big, big difference.

Everything is infinite, but also a dot. Meaning, everything is connected, same as our physical reality, but everything comes to fruition instantly. You can teleport anywhere you want… or bring it to you instantly, because it is already with you and not.

This is why our physical reality is like a big ball of yarn - it is made in the model of the Source, meaning it is also made in the model of the astral realm, and vice versa. Everything exists and everything is interconnected. Everything is made in the models of The Source, and everything IS the Source. This is one of the reasons why magick works.

It is a concept called As Above So Below.

Now, to the main question - what IS Hell?

Hell is everything. Heaven is everything.

There are so many things connected to this concept of Hell, and all of them are true. Hell for Christians - why the fuck not? Hell for the Infernal Hierarchy - of course. But there also IS no Hell, because, in a way, they also come out of nothing and return to nothing.

Hell also represents our darkest, repressed recesses of our powerful minds (which are basically mini-representations of the Source). It represents everything dark, mysterious, repressed, powerful found in the universe, but all that is dark, mysterious, repressed and powerful in the universe is also mirrored on a micro scale in our minds. Hence, it is a concept - but also a realm.

To conclude my point - Hell is everything and everywhere. It is connected to everything, and you are in it every second of your life, same as in Heaven. There are infinite variations of Hell, and they are all true. Hell is independent of us, as a realm for the Infernal hierarchy - but it is also not.

And it cannot really be any other way - because everything IS, and everything is NOT. Everything imaginable exists, and everything unimaginable also exists. Everything exists, and does not.

As Hassan said…

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.


What last guy said. I think we all make up our own version of hell and heaven in our mind. Think like this… let’s say I have a fear of roaches. in my hell would be tons of roaches but in your will be none something completely different because you are different same with heaven. A place within our own mind are we not in hell already is the question

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I’m with Sarte on this

“Hell is other people”


I’d say that I love you, but I am already taken by @Anastasiya, and I don’t think she’d be very impressed if I did as such…

But I do agree with Sarte as well…

Listen - there is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference between an online LIKE and LOVE!!! - I’ve liked her posts as well - no worries!

In any case I now need to remove my neighbour’s cat from my roman blind for the third time this morning…

I have to say, reading microessays like this is one of the biggest reasons I joined this forum. I love reading these things.

The two cents I have to add are these:

Hell is despair. If hell is what we fear, then for me, hell is despair. If hell is separation, then for me, hell is despair. If hell is punishment, then it is despair.

I was taught that hell was a place you go when you die if you haven’t done the blah blah with Jesus Christ. I was taught that the biggest lie told by the Adversary was that hell was not real. I was taught that hell was permanent separation from the god of Israel.

As I grew up, I learned that hell is other people, but at the same time, I learned that people aren’t always hell. I began to see hell as the expression of a broken system, of broken people trying to work together.

Now that I’m older and more widely experienced, i have synthesized hell into more of a state of mind. Yes, it is a place of separation, perhaps an actual map place, perhaps only a state of mind. But separation is not bad. Good fences make good neighbors. Individuality is the crowning achievement of consciousness. This is why the demons are said to reside here, they chose individuality over the tyrannical drive toward one-ness. Its not chaos, though, its only a different kind of order.

Wow, my two cents became a lot more, and my mind sorted itself out on paper. Cool.

And @Anziel_Merkaba, love as thou wilt. I know the difference, and I know to whom you belong.


Lol you lost me in all that wisdom fill:pray:ed words but I get the point

So is different from the Christian hell? I’d heaven real

Both and there is also a THIRD one also. A REAL PHYSICAL PLACE. Law of correspondence, if it exists in UR psyche, It will also exist somewhere in the Physical also.

Hello Mikan i need your help