About Gateways and Portals

I feel really newbie asking this but it something that had never got my attention untill now, so.
What are gateways? What does it mean to open them?
What is a pact gateway? And what is the difference between gateways and portals?
I really would appreciate if anyone could at least summarize it to me the answers for those questions and add anything else that I should know for starts.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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There are many topics on the subject that can easily be found using the search function


I tried but all questions seems to be “advanced” “like my pact gateway is this and that”. What just made me more confuse about what is. I wish I could find a simple explanation. There’s nothing like actually explaining what it is, not that I found.

Gateways and portals amount to pretty much the same thing, to my knowledge. The only minor difference I can think of is that a portal tends to be more general ie leads to the general spirit realm or astral plane, whereas a gateway tends to lead to a specific place ie the lands of the dead, the Infernal Kingdoms, etc.

A good example is the Gateways in the Book of Azazel. Each one opens to a different neighbourhood, so to speak, within the Infernal Kingdom where the specific castes of Azazel’s legions reside.

I’m not sure what a “pact gateway” is, but if you are referring to the Gateway of Pacts from the Book of Azazel, it is a direct gateway to Azazel’s kingdom and a symbol of Azazel’s pact with humanity and the summoner. It can be used as a magick circle (BALG’s Universal Circle is based on it) or as a “Triangle of Manifestation” for the materialisation of demons.


They are simply passages you use to travel to other relams


Thank you.
I read people saying that they “found” a gateway. What does this mean? It’s just about places here on earth that are easier to connect with the other side?
Also people seems to talk about go on some sort of trials to get the gateway open. How is this?
And you go there through soul travel, astral projection or something like this?
Sorry for the too many questions, I really don’t know nothing about it. I’d appreciate if you could point me a book, or video or any other source about that, that’s trusted. Thank you.

Yes, that’s basically what they are talking about. There are certain places on earth that have been used as gateways to various spiritual realms for centuries and so access is easier there.

You would travel through a gateway via soul travel or astral projection.

i don’t know about specific trials to open a gateway, but I do know some gateways have guardians that may require someone to prove their worthiness to enter.

That is exactly what they are. Your physical body does not enter (although there are advanced techniques and rituals that will allow you to access the faerie realms physically…I don’t know if this is true for other realms as well). If you create a gateway you should close it when you return, but not everyone does. That’s why you can sometimes discover them. If you enter one of these gateways or portals be careful because if you did not open it yourself you will have no idea where it goes to until you enter it. You can do this by grounding and centering and allowing your mind/astral body to go through. Could this be dangerous? Sure…if you didn’t open it, you don’t know where it will take you. If you’ve never traveled to other realms this way are you sure you will be able to find your way back? Also you need to be aware of time variances. Time moves faster or slower in different realms. Your body may experience 10 min. In this realm where you left it, but for your consciousness in the other realm it may see like you’ve been there 3 hours. The reverse is also true. I once traveled to the underworld. It seemed like it took me about 30 min. To get there, contact my friend and interact with him. When I returned, the shaman that had assisted me to open this portal told me I had been on the other side for over four hours.

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Got it. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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How can I identify a gateway? Ya know that is open. There’s signs around?
How one creat a gateway? Through demons’ assistance?
I’ll start from the beginning. Reading a lot about first, making soul travels only in the “neighborhood”.
You said you have the assistance of a shaman but it’s possible do it by yourself?
Thank you for your answer:)

After you exit your body, you can’t go to the astral through intent? You have to go through a gateway?

For all your talk about wanting to live in the astral, you really don’t seem to understand anything about it.

The astral realm overlaps and intersects the physical. You don’t even need intent because you are already there. Exiting the body is a bit of a misnomer because all you are really doing is moving the majority of your consciousness into your astral body, rather than your physical one, and then separating it from the rest. That is why, when you first learn to exit, teachers will have you move around your home first and then your neighbourhood. It is easier to get your bearings in familiar territory before exploring the wider universe.

If you read what I actually said, you would know that gateways tend to lead to specific realms within the astral plane, not the astral itself. There are some places that are not readily accessible, that you need a gateway to enter like The Lands of the Dead, the Infernal Kingdoms, The Fae Realms, etc. They are each unique places within the subtle planes, where the rules are different even from the larger astral.


Id add, as a supplementary thought, that the physical body is only on of our bodies, and we posses one in the astral and many other places also. Your human mind and body can be doing one thing while other selves of yours go about their own business.


Yes, its possible to do it by yourself. I can sense energy so I can feel gateways and portals, but it’s rare to just come across them randomly ( but for sure not impossible. They are there). Usually if I need it I just open my own. That way I know it’s going to the place I want to go to. Biggest thing to remember is close them behind you when you come back.

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Nope. Intent works too and not all gateways will take you to the astral. You do not need a gateway to access any realm. It’s just one technique people sometimes use.


Ok, got it. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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