About feeding demons and sigils

I have watched the video where E.A K. was talking about sigils how to activate them etc.

So he was talking about if we want an entity around our aura we could carry their sigils on our pocket etc.

so I am recently having panic attacks that its kind of turns my life into hell. today I had to meet with somebody and I just drew the siğil of archangel raphael and placed it under my bra. so I did not have any so far.

carrying sigils can effect our life,I mean I also used amdusias siğil on my pocked to get manipulation over somebody and it worked as well?

My second question is that I have been working with a specific demon over a 2 month and I always offer him good sex blood etc. my main question is that I am giving fortune tellings for Money where I live so I noticed he started to take my customers negative energy as well
I do not know how that happened
can someone teach me about feding
I offered him energies but I need better lesson

thank you


I don’t understand your first question. What are you asking?

Question 2: it sounds like you are giving it right. The demon may be taking the negative energy as.a favor to you. Taking away negative energy is good, yes?


I wanted ro ask if carrying sigil on our pocket has effect on us

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It is like carrying a talisman, or a stone, or whatever you feel like might help you. In a tough situation you remember it, and you think about the reason why you are carrying it. You think about the benefits that stone/sigil or whatever should bring you.
You form a connection to that trait, or to that entity and you can get strength out of that.

I carry Raphael’s sigil everyday. Sometimes I put my hand on it to gain strength.


Sure. I opened one and carried it while working with Belial on a work trip to help deal with an overly aggressive coworker.

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Thank you so much any advice for feeding

What about this.

I was just going back over S Connolly’s Scales of Ma’at (felt drawn to it) and on page 20, she advocates carrying Leviathan’s sigil on you for legal matters. On 21, she talks about drawing a sigil on your chest to carry it in a more obscure way.

You could search for Scales of Ma’at, if you’d rather get it that way.

Thank you

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Sorry about that. Link removed.