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I have been trying to communicate with Duke Dantalion since well, yesterday. I did a petition, today I meditated to their enn, and sigil. After a while I felt strange, my heart pounded and so on, this happened when I wanted a sign about my petition.
My question is, I didn’t do any preparations like circle etc., just sigil gazing and enn listening, meditating, should I verbally ask them, communicate with them or an inner monologue can do the job? Should I meditate with closed eyes or open?

I’m sorry for asking too many questions, being a newbie is hard I think, and I appreciate if you would help me, I hope I’m not bothering though.

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Hi there,

Well, in my perspective inner or out-loud communications are both heard. However, to your question eyes open or closed, it depends on your goal. For instance, if u wanted to use the connection and meditation for the sake of connecting and enhancing ur third eye. i suggest u memorize the sigil and close ur eyes and try to see his sigil as clear as possible when u are chanting the enn. but, if ur intention is to connect only, then go ahead and gaze at the sigil while chanting his enn.

Lastly, as to how you felt (heart bounding) its normal as one of the signs of u feeling the energy or you just were too anxious about it. just remember to note every small detail that u feel when contacting the spirit. trust me doing that even for the smallest makes a difference. for instance, when i call upon king belial my spine and neck starts to feel as if they are on fire and thats how i know i made contact. with lucifer i get goose bumps on my face mostly, and you see how this works. I hope thats helpful.

*Be Blessed.

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Thank you!

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