About Emperor's Nap Method and calling upon the elemental forces

After he gives a lengthy hand-crafted Nap ritual to use, he says:

"From there, do the old fashioned NAP Ritual, calling whichever one of the Elemental forces you require (Adop in the South as a Fire element, Detaya in the West as a Water element, or Aboz in the North as an Earth element), depending on what you want to do NAP for.

This keys your ritual to the element for more ritual accuracy. For example, if you conjure for love or internal subconscious work, use Detaya. For money or manifestation, Aboz. Revenge or strength, call Adop. Knowledge or communication, Arzel. This allows the elements to do their work in their sphere.

Or you have the option of calling all 4 of them. Your choice - see what works best for you.

Btw - you have the option of working directly with these spirits, too. Calling them and them alone also constitutes an entire NAP ritual. They’re not just a means to an end, they have powers in and of themselves." - from The Miracle Of New Avatar Power, revisited

What I don’t get is… how are you supposed to call upon the spirits? just say their name like Adop, I call you to help me etc.?
Oh and is there a comprehensive info on which elements you should use for different purposes?

Thank you in advance.


Bumping as I just found that post and I would love to know but the user account is suspended and that thread is now locked if anyone can shed light thank you

Are there people here who still want to do a NAP ritual and want some explanation?

Yes sorry haven’t been on in ages