About Death

I have heard some people say that what happens to you after die it’s depends on what you believe. A Christian for example that believes that will go to hell, creates a kind of hell which goes to. If one believes in heavem goes to a kind of heaven of one’s own creation. Same goes for reincarnation.

This is correct?

Is possible not reincarnated? (Once we don’t believe in hell/heaven as Christians)

If a magian dies when is still in the beginning of the magick studies, and don’t wanna come back is possible to ascend in their godsform?(after death in the demon’s realm)
Or at very least “live among” the demons?
Or working in ones ascending in the “other side”?(not as a human but as a spirit like/among the demons)

No one knows. It’s all theories and opinions at this point.

Learn to soul travel and make your own informed opinion.


Not all correct. For example, I could remember this experiment…this man after death was summoned, and he was asked where he has been, he replied that he is in hell.

So there was this angel we called later that day to ask and confirm all we learnt from this ghost. The angel said, he is in a lower planet, a place where torments, evil, wickedness, revenge etc are been done. So it’s his Christian beliefs while on Earth that made him believe he has been in Hell.

And for those who die and found themselves in a high or higher planet, they will say they are in Heaven.

He also talks about figure of speech and wrong translation from religious people.

I don’t quite understand this.

The ascendance process is through this plane (physical body). As i have learnt, that a Spirit don’t descend. Though they can be stagnant when the human forget about his ascension, not that he will be demoted but kind of a stoppage or a pause in his progression. And if he continue his journey to ascend again, he will began to rise.

Yes, he can live among them. Butsooner or later, a Spirit would surely seek incarnation again after learning alot about ascending from those who have ascended. But what I hate about this is that the moment he’s connected to a body, born to Earth, he forgets, some would forget everything.

I was told it can’t work when I asked, that it is through expiation that one ascends.

Also, that some who have died may live thousands of years before reincarnating. That eternity here is just a second there, time isn’t as we calculate it on earth here. And that some who refuse to incarnate again become wanderers, and after a while or they feel like they should level up, they would choose to incarnate again.

Can’t remember it all, it’s been long i had this.


I can say by experience that lifespan & rejuvenation can bre prolonged 10x atleast. Ride/Fly the Dragon, he will tell you how.

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How that can be done?

Meditation, conquering the demons and going deep into pain and fear. After the insanity comes true power, the hopelessness feeling is the key to that power.


I completely get what you are saying!
I am actually looking for a experience person like you for some guidance because books doesn’t really makes sense some times!
Will you mind if i pm you?

The whole concept of creating your own afterlife is the entire plot of What Dreams May Come. Its a great robin Williams movie.
No one knows what the afterlife will be, because no one has died and then come back to tell about it, at least not in a way that was well-documented and shared.