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hi there! Anyone ever worked with Belial? I mean if you want to do something, a spell or not, can one evoke Belial to ask him for help? Can i ask him for help without doing a spell? Like just to ask him to help me with something? What should I offer to him? blood? climax?
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Please use the little magnifying glass in the upper right. There is a massive amount of information available on this forum about Belial and your questions are easily answered with a little search.

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Use the search function

I did, but it is a bit confusing since there is so much information, some it’s contradictory, maybe can you provide a link with something reliable. Anyone can have an opinion, I am looking for an answer from more experienced practitioners. Thank you

Type in “Belial Files” and click on the first option that comes up. It is a thread written by our mod, @Lady_Eva, detailing everything she knows about working with Belial. She is one of the most experienced people on this forum.

thank you! will do! and if anyone else would like to share the experience please do so!

check my journal it might be helpful to u

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I’ve seen Belial through my dreams a few times.
To me he is very sexual and brutal when it comes to sex. He’s also appeared to me through meditation. I had norhing to offer and I did apologize, but I did offer my body to him which he gadly accepted. He is a great god to work with. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him. He is very wise and he will help u with money/financial isuues.