About activating demonic sigils

Can I use my ritual knife to activate demonic sigils?
Is it disrespectful?

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I’m assuming you’re talking about bloodletting? Yes, you can dribble some liquid red on a seal with your knife. In my experience, it honestly doesn’t do much unless you have already opened the seal though. Otherwise it’s just some blood on a few squiggles on paper.

No i’m talking about the athame or daggert. Now I have a ritual knife because I don’t have a daggert or athame but the knife have been used for many years in ritual so it has got it’s own magical power more than less.

That’s exactly what an athame is :joy:

It’s only disrespectful if the ritual blade is consecrated to a power that dislikes bloodletting. Otherwise, it should be fine.

I will say, though, that a lot of ceremonial magicians prefer to have separate blades for bloodletting to avoid possible energetic contamination. It just makes things a bit easier.

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My point was that my ritual knife is a normal kitchen knife that has become more than less magical power because I use it only for rituals.

I only invoke goetic spirits and entities listed under the infernal names in the satanic bible.

I don’t talk about any bloodletting. I talk about activating the sigil with magical power.

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Oh, you’re talking about channeling power down the blade into the seal.

No, that’s fine. That’s literally what a ritual knife/athame is used for, to channel energy.

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Yes to activate it. Then I place the offering on the sigil.