Abenaki Ghost Witch

Skadegamutc, or ghost-witch, is an undead monster of the Wabanaki tribes. Usually a skadegamutc is said to have been created upon the death of an evil magician who refuses to stay

dead, but comes to life at night to kill, eat, and throw curses at any unlucky humans who come across them. The only way to permanently a ghost-witch them is by fire.

That’s from a website by the way.

Being a white boy, my observation of Abenaki culture is limited, but I feel the ancient culture in the ground.

I probably won’t tip my hand too much in this post either, but I’ll say that a skadegamutc is a thing.

How about the BALG forum?
Any Native Americans?
Any other kinds of ghost witches?


Have you met one?

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You could say I have a connection with one.
Sort of a kindred spirit.

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