Abducted by Elves, Now I May Have An Elf Baby Out There Somewhere

I am really growing to like this forum. I never thought I would find so much happiness on a forum so focused on demonology, lol I am loving a place to tell my wild paranormal experiences to.
I think I have had more than many because I am so open to it. I think one of my lessons in my saga is that I unconsciously chase down the weird and paranormal almost like a psycho cybernetics autopilot, anyways recently I heard people on like infowars or something talking about how the elite summon these elf creatures on DMT, maybe it was a AJ and Joe Rogan topic. Anyways it seems to be talked about more with on the internet sort of topic so I thought I would bring up my experience.

I had an experience like way back in 2002 or so where I was just lying in my room, not overly tired when suddenly a scary elf create came in and zapped me. It felt like I had a moment of sleep paralysis just suddenly.

Since I have been hearing it on the internet lately and I can kind of tell some weird stories I thought I would tell about it here.

But there is more.

I met a Shaman guy who says that sometimes the elf people abduct humans just like aliens to make hybrids that walk among us.

If that is true, I want to know where is my elf baby?

lol nervous laugh lol


He is currently under the security of the U.S. Government and given a name similar to this:

Elf Baby 0023981755-A

He is in a secret room currently reading this forum, with multiple tabs open to Pornhub, Xhamster, and Xvideos switching between

Abducted by Elves


Elf Futa Porn

Unable to decide which to look at.

He is using a Samsung S6 gifted to him by the government, and he is texting some Elf hoes right now.

They’re saying:

Elf hoe: Come over.

Him: I can’t. I’m locked up in a secret area of the Pentagon.

Elf hoe: I have pixie dust.

Him: Sorry, still can’t come over lol.


The elf is considered to be the escort or guide of the human spirit by some. The elf touching you shows you must solve your current problems now or they will increase as time moves forward with relationships with others, he is giving you a literal wake up call.

The elf is announcing difficulties that a friend or lover will cheat you in some way and could suggests that you will prevail, you must employ caution with relationships and protect yourself from certain people that seem to be very arrogant socially.

You might be surrounded by people that aren’t your friends but people who are disingenuous with you, that have there own agenda and endanger your real friends to the extent of generating some serious emotional damage with two faced behaviour.


Ronove likes to appear with the ridiculously large ears and a horned helm. I think she looks like an elf or a goblin. Something a bit like this. orcc2