Does anyone have a legitimate sigil of Abaddon? I know his enn is in the Book of Azazel, but I am not quite advanced enough to solely rely on that.


Hi DARKNESS; I’ve got quite a pile of sigils, seals & symbols - thought surely I’d have one for Abaddon … no luck. Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever hearing of a sigil or symbol specific to Abaddon. I do recall a friend calling on Abaddon once, but he simply used a “symbol of destruction”. Sorry! Hope someone else can help you out! :wink: Z


Hey Darkness I was wondering the same thing. I happened to ask Dante about it and he said that the best way is to contact Abaddon in another way such as scrying or deep meditation and ask for the sigil directly from him.

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There is no legitimate sigil for him. The enn will have to work.


There is most certainly a sigil for him! Just because an author has not placed it into a book does not mean he has not released his sigil to others. There is one actual permanent one, however this must be given to you by him. The enn will work as will his name in the form of a sigil.

Dante Abiel



Where is the Enn for Abaddon? I’ve only found one for Azazel and Belial. A BOA page number would be appreciated. Thanks.

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There is no enn on the boa for abaddon. It seems we were a bit confused

Right on.

You don’t happen to know of one for Abaddon or Amaymon, do you?

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Unfortunately not. You can contact him using his name though or go to the astral