Abaddon the god of gods has something to share with you all after I gave him an offering of energy

I can give the the knowledge of certainty but you must surpass me in greatness.
I’m am of the void. I am those emotions you bottle up. I am the destruction your emotions now free your self and your destiny will fall in my hands. Free your self under certainty. I will not destroy you only if you believe me. I am the chaotic undertaking of the embodiment of the void do not fear me as I will not fear you. You have great knowledge and wisdom and with my help I shall let you achieve what you most desire as I will not let you fall I will let you stand tall over all of this chaos you see before your eyes. You are not done in your workings of magick I shall see to it that you will praise me as a god of destruction and magick of the abbysal darkness I will not unite with you unless you feel the need to do so. I am the soul of the embodiment of the source of all power that you can see with both your eyes and psychic senses. You may not see me but I see you and all that you are as I am the grand wizard of all schemes that you see as indifferent. For your soul I shall nurture and reside In at as we are one. I am the super soul of darkness the type of darkness that you can’t see but feel within your brain. You may feel yourself falling in the Abyss but I will catch you and you will land perfectly attuned with all of your senses able to see through the darkness. Night vision is what I shall grant you. But are you ready for it? Because others will go insane. if you feel you are truly ready, you are truly ready. Look through the darkness and you shall find me. But I am invisible in the light of day. Do not fear me I am now your guardian. You shall not abide by the rules of day but the light of darkness that the darkness may show you that is the purity of your soul do not abide by the reckoning of those who cause havoc in your life as I am the only one who will cause havoc in your life now change your mind set to appease the rules I have show forth. I am not what you need but what you have. I am not what you change but what is still I am the almighty gods of gods and all shall reign on me and for me do not stop there. There is more for you to learn. Let your thoughts crystallize and form a solid foundation in the earth let it evaporate in the air and vibrate in the sounds. Do not be a victim that is not the mindset of a god.


@Xag_darklight what do you think of this? What do you think some of this means?


Eris gave me a response:

I am the Void, bitch.

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It said abaddon is of the void not that he is the void

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Pic or didn’t happen.


With Abaddon you’ll grow in the light of darkness.

There’s a common theme to what all these spirits tell us, and that’s ultimate self empowerment and individuation so as to master your own reality and CREATE what you truly want and destroy or let go of everything that holds you back. They’re your guides and assistants to that.


Thank you for that

So I tried the “look through darkness” thing while I was going to bed (probably not the best idea).

I shut my eyes and saw other eyes peering back at me. They were vertical as opposed to horizontal. It was pretty intense and I wanted to look away, but couldn’t.

I then saw Abaddon in the pitch black darkness. He wore a black suit of armor. All but his mouth was covered. His skin was a light shade of purple, while his lips were a darker shade of the same. He also had really sharp teeth.

He twirled me around like we were dancing and planted a really firm kiss on my forehead. When he stepped back, his sigil was glowing on my forehead.

I don’t think I have night vision (then again I could be taking that literally), but that’s what happened. Not sure what it means.

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Interesting… by night vision I think he means seeing the unknown

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