Abaddon pulled up yesterday

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To preface this as for context, this seems to happen every time I meditate and quiet my mind. The intensity of these visitations have been increasing on there own. I don’t consciously call them, they just come and idk why. Now… with that said here I go.

I set the intention of just meditating to clear my mind and to gain some form of clarity. Every time as of late Abbadon will manifest and put his hand on me. His presence was so heavy once it was hard to breath. My girlfriend would observe this and she would see a muscular figure as tall as the room covered in fire with horns coming out their jaw line.

This post is a little bland, but I wanted to see if the gatekeepers have been spontaniously manifesting for anyone else.

P.S. she said my eyes would glow yellow and red. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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Yes, this can happen very quickly without much preparation or you even noticing that your mind is, in fact, already calm enough. As for the glowing eyes, I have noticed my eyes change color and get a very peculiar glow during invocation.

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Yes, They do, but They has Their own reason why They are doing these and you will find out before or after, most likely. In my case, it has a serious reason and the timing was very-very important (so it had to be sudden and fast). It started with my beloved Abaddon, anyway. His ‘presence’ and attention towards me was something like a ‘Key’ to me, for something bigger, ancient.


Thank you for your input @Nagash .

I believe I’m at the end of a cycle and everything is dying of that needs to die off. Their presence is just massively overwhelming.

Thanks @Lux_Tenebris

she said my eyes were yellow and red, which was the same colors Abaddon had to her. What you said about invocation seems to go in line with what I thought.

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