Abaddon on my mind

New to the site and still trying to find my patron demon. I already introduced myself in the new member page.
Well, few things going on this week, not sure what to do or if anyone can give me advice I’d appreciate it immensely.
My introduction to LHP was initially brought on by my interest in Azazel, for some reason he entered my mind and I was hooked.
Recently, I was practicing some candle magick and Abaddon was needed. I completed my spell and for some reason Abaddon has not left my mind.
I can see him clearly in my mind although he hasn’t materialized yet. I have read that sometimes they will or will not. I see him as very tall very strong, dark brown hair and bearded, very hairy chest and not in armor but kind of like a loin cloth, very Conan the Barbarian.
I also know that some have mentioned that he can be quite a powerful force, although I don’t feel that. I just feel his presence.
I was doing a very simple tarot yes or no reading and asked him if he was with me the response was “yes” and if he was protecting me as well. He responded “yes”.
I’m not scared to invoke or evoke him but I am still learning and would never try it half assed as I have much respect for his power.
My only concern is that there isn’t much out there on him and what there is, always describes him as a bad ass dude. It’s just a little contradicting to what I feel for him.
If anyone can offer suggestions as to how to go about opening up to him or contacting him I would appreciate it.
Much love.


Try this Abaddon ritual from The Temple of Ascending Flame here.


It’s a 4 day working and it will most definitely bring you closer to him.

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Thank you so much for your response. I will look into it and let everyone know my results. I am humbled.


I can’t help with your question, just felt the need to comment that a lot of newcomers in the past few months were called into the LHP from Azazel. Does anyone know why is that? Is it like a “duty” of his to recruit us or what? I’m very curious…

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I honestly think it might be a subconscious thing. The name itself is so present in media, comics etc. This might be a way to communicate “lightly” with people. I honestly don’t have an answer as well. I just heard his name in my head and kept almost “chanting” it.
He has given me signs but nothing like the presence I feel from Abaddon.

But thing is, I’m not following the media at all, I don’t even watch tv and I’m not reading comics… The only Demons I ever knew were Lucifer, Satan and Beelzebub and I actually thought its the same Demon LOL… Oh and Lilith. I don’t know its a mystery to me…

All I can say is, enjoy the ride, learn all that you can, and sometimes we over analyze things that are so simple in their revelation.

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Ahahaha, to me the exact opposite happened 1 or 2 days ago, I was hearing a voice calling my name insistenly for 4-5 repetitions.

Hehehe, I was also called by Azazel and got encouraged by Him to explore the world of magick, but it was 4 years ago or so. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first encounter that I had with Him…

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