A word of advise for all the newbie brothers and sisters

Just wanted to give some advise since Im in a good mood lol…Honestly I have been doing magick for only around 6 months, in this time I have done possession work,done successful channeling work,healing work,developed my astral senses fairly well,worked with tree of life,worked with alot of deities and manifested some big changes in my life (thankfully to my spirits, and my friends) one thing I have learnt is that not everyone is legit,not everyone is a perfect magician…I disagree with some things famous magicians like EA or VK say…everyone has there own opinion on shit, its best to respect what they do and take the things that you find good about them…Also I occasionally see many people here doubting themselves, confidence is one of the most crucial things required in magick, trust your own gnosis and do what your intuition says…in most cases your personal gnosis is the best gnosis for you to work with…and most importantly just keep it cool lol…honestly if one can stop asking the same questions over and over again…do there own research than everything will go good…honestly man…meditations,chakra work,grounding,balancing for around 30 mins everyday for a month will easily sky rocket your magick life.


In just 6 months? Did you do anything else other than meditations and chakra work for your astral senses?

I did specific meditations off pirated pdf books lmao…I also got help of my friends, I also have past experience in meditations(around 3-4 years?) due to my religious background…so perhaps thats why…I do understand however that it can take far longer…

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do you know the abramelin square for money i know that but dont know how to apply can u plz help me with that if u know?

Welcome @sahil43. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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I agree with what you are saying , everyone is different Magick is not a uni degree same for the whole class ! Everytime I learn about a new type of Magick or a demon I first buy a book and read then I watch YouTube and only take what resonates, I also don’t believe in alters , protection before calling a demon or banishing after and it has worked well so far ! Also I never read about others horror experiences as it affects my own .

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