A Wise Spirit Once Said

Half the magical problems you face arent even yours. Half the doubts you deal with arent yours. Just because you are related to someone by blood, which is a sympathetic connection, doesn’t mean you can take on their subconscious and unconscious blockages, Problems, issues, etc.

Do yourself a favor and let that shit go. Clear it out and bring your psychic empathy under control.
-Message from a Random spirit to me As I meditated looking for insight


F ya.
I’ve heard so many times " I hate this person but their blood so I have to deal with them" or “bloods the only thing that matters”.

So false.


Ye I’ve met this kind of people. They care more about “their blood” than themselves. Pity.


I moved 1,000 miles to get away from my blood relatives. It’s great to not have to deal with all thst bs.


With many blood relationship problems you try to get the other person to change. If you can’t change the other person, you try to accept them. Which in many cases is impossible.

To push a family member out of your life might cause guilt or it could lead to a backlash from other family members. But genuinely ask yourself, “Would I tolerate this behavior from a total stranger? Why do I tolerate it from a family member then? With my own negative blood relations i would totally shine them on…


tell me about it, been years i am trying to get away from them, but those sneaky jealous jackarses, always find a way to hurt me and my immediate family, well this has been happening since my mum got married to my dad.
the foul mundane stuff they have done, the hexes and curses they have put on us, made us sick, broke etc. been trying and gonna keep trying to get away from them, one way or another!

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