A Wild Mina Appears

Hi everybody,

It’s your new friend ol’ Mina Bones. I’m a joke writer/comedian. “Throw the fucking Christians to the lions, PLEASE!” I’ve been working with herbs these past few years. I’ve calmed the storm in my mind. I’ve cured my asthma. I’ve helped people with IBS and chrones disease. I help people dream. I help people ya know… however I can. Those that seem to not be able to help themselves of course. The rest can stuff it, haha. They can ask Jesus for help. He has plenty of time on his hands what with being ficticious and all, haha.

Ive always been an iconoclast. Never fitting in with the rest of the group. I have a reputation that follows me, hahaha. Former arsonist, now I just burn bridges. I’m into radionics. I despise pop culture. Lastly, I get super turned on when people say “Boom Shakalaka.” So if you want to get on my good side, you should heavily incorporate it into your lexicon.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you lovely people. Thank you for including me.


Hello welcome

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What do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any experience in systems of magick besides radionics?


Oh Im into sigils, sex magick, crystal grids, Im really into water & food medicine too. I basically suck up information from all kinds of sources, I’m always learning. If you mean grimoires and stuff, I’ve only got so many books. Before I lost my home last year I was working on The Rites of Lucifer. Now that I have a place of my own again I’m getting back into magick. I just got the Oraculum Levithan, I’m really excited about that.

What about you? How long have you been working with magick? Are you into the Draconian Tradition as well?


Finally a witty woman, the ones around here were getting tiresome to read :stuck_out_tongue:

No but seriously, welcome and nice intro.


I’ve been a ceremonial magician for twenty years now.

I’ve worked within Hermetics, Golden Dawn, Enochian, and the Chaos Magick paradigm. My current practice is devoted to the system of evocation of EA Koetting.


Right on, thats awesome thanks for being here helping everybody! That’s very generous of you. I’m so excited to learn from all of you experienced magicians, and of course I’m willing to contribute in whatever way I can.


This is late but I just gotta say that intro was epic.
Welcome to the forum :grinning:


Thank you! :grin:

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Boom shakalaka! One of the best intros I’ve seen in a while. Hows your journey into draconian magick going? I enjoy studying all types of magick. I personally practice mostly the left hand path. But I would say I’m a grey magician. Look forward to seeing more posts!

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Welcome, Mina. You’ve got a long road, twisty road ahead of you, but it really will pay off in the end. Best of luck, and we’re all here if you need us.

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I’m going to have to answer you later. I’m gonna be masturbating for a couple hours because you said boom shakalaka.

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Seriously though, I havent done much work aside from tarot readings, reading the accompanying book, meditations and mantras. I’m really into Hinduism at the moment. I found out the first book of the series is Draconian Ritual Book, the only one I dont own of course. I’ve added it to my shopping cart.

Your new friend ol’ Mina Bones is saving up for something she doesnt wanna pay for but kinda has to grumble grumble.

I really don’t HAVE to start at the beginning, I was getting results from the rituals I’ve performed in The Rites of Lucifer. I probably could just pick up where Ieft off. I have an annoying tendency to do things in order, even if the only Police Academy movie worth watching was the fourth one. Citizens on Patrol! (When I was a kid my two favorite skateboarders were Tony Hawk and David Spade. I drew pictures of them in crayons! Hahaha)

What about you? Do you work with the draconian tradition as well? Hinduism? Whats your story?

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Thank you.

It’s always been a long twisty road for me. Thats why I feel confident pursuing it. Toss me in the fire, forge me in the flame!

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Ironically enough in my house hold we use boom shakalaka very often it’s one of our favorite words. Everytime the 2 year old falls or bumps herself we yell boom shakalaka.(I live with my friend and his wife and kid. But in work for him aswell. And my car just died so it works perfect lol. Hoping to resurrect it. But anyways. I grew up forced Christian. Northern Baptist. And hated every bit of it. But one day when I was like 13 one of my friends told me about the goetia and I’ve been hooked ever since. But I started trying to teach myself wicca and of course I wasnt openly allowed to because of my moms religious views. So she would find my wicca books and get ride of them. But since discovering the goetia I’ve always been drawn to King Paimon. And ive since felt a kind of calling to him. And ive called and chanted his known and meditated on him and all that but I’ve never actually sat down with the full on intent to summon him, so I’ve never truely invoked or evoked him. I also dont really hear anything he says or any coincidences or anything all these years but I’m just drawn to him. But recently I’ve been drawn to azazel, krehl’a’teral, and a few others. I’m working on some of my astral abilities to hopefully communicate better with King Paimon and other entities as well. I’ve not done any research into draconian magick yet however it is on the list. I like some hindu stuff but it’s not my strong suit though. I like learning about other peoples paths. Boom shakalaka! That’s half of my story and most of my magickal story. Years of hiding it then moving out and being open but still feel like a beginner in a sense. I’ve done alot of research but never actual sat down and summoned anything. And I suck at drawing so I havent drawn any sigils lol


I actually say Razzle Dazzle way more than Boom Shakalaka. I’ve evoked Lucifer twice. He didnt appear physically, but the message was loud and clear. I’ve connected with Buer in a roundabout way and I sing to Stolas sometimes. I went out and got the Universal Circle from the BALG website, but my new home isnt clean enough to invite anybody over. Well, anybody from another plane of existance that is.

I suppose I should get to work on that. I’ve put it off too long. Im more productive when Im off my phone of course. I have to stop chatting on this forum for the night. Its a lot of fun. I’m having great time. I hope Im not stirring the pot too much, and if I am I hope its in the best way possible. Its just nice to have a place I can go to speak about this stuff. Like your family, my friends dont let me say much at all. I even had some friends refuse to accept quartz crystal oscillators are real, or black pepper makes tumeric 2000x more potent in the body. I was like, “you have the internet, look it up!” Nono, they know everything because they say so.

“Anyway, thats all for now. Thank you.” she said flatly, then turned into a bat & flew away.


Interesting you say Hinduism? What draws you to it? I was quite attracted to the religious aspect of it a few years back, but then I chose to pursue Norse Paganism instead.

What entities do you feel a strong pull towards? The Goetia? Any pantheons? Etc.


I was watching Praveen Mohan on YouTube. He has videos on ancient temples are the globe. He pieces together information from his vast wealth of knowledge, but never oversteps himself. Asking lots of questions, and leaving it up for others to assist him.

He had a video featuring prehistoric cave paintings. He said one of the images, hey you might like this, one of the images resembled a damaru Lord Shiva’s favorite instrument. (Type Shiva Drum Music on Youtube, click the first one) …but it also looked like dagaz! How 'bout that? Anyway, that got me learning about the damaru, (I bought one too! Its in the mail) which lead to me learning about Lord Shiva. I’ve been singing the Shiva mantra for a couple weeks now & it really lifts me up! I feel closest to Lord Shiva at this time, as I have been singing his matra every damn day. “Om Namah Shivaya! Om Namah Shivaya! Har Har Bhole Namah Shivaya!” (Yes yes, I know I just typed Bhole but its not pronounced that way. Haha we’re eleven.)

Then I found out something incredible. I feel compelled to make a video about it. It’s fascinating how everything ties together. I’m gonna be cryptic & leave it at that. You’ll find out more when I make the video.

Then our beloved friend, Mr.Koetting went live on the 'Tube yesterday, I guess technically two days ago now. I asked him what mantra he uses with his mala beads, he said “Om Kali Ma” at first, than other commands and mantras as he sees fit. I’m very grateful for that imput. After the live stream I started reading about Kali & it hit me like a sack of potatoes. Because we all know what that feels like, language is weird. I’ve always seen myself as a Lightbearer. I still do actually, but now I can see I’m also emulating the Kali archtype.

As I’ve said in my intial post, I have a reputation. People dont really know me, but they have heard rumors. The ol’ “if they cant control you, they’ll control how others see you” song and dance. Former colleagues of mine from comedy. When I got off the streets I got a home downtown again. I see those mooks all over town. Every time, same response. They either disappear the second they see me or if they dont have time to make tracks, they look down as they pass. Never looking me in the eye. A very shameful stance, & rightly so in my opinion. I’m hesitant to share my thoughts on that- last time it came with some seriously harsh repercussions. Basically it’s the Kali archtype. I see through the theater of their behavior like a glass. I see the lies they dont care to admit, and I reject them without remorse. I will not accept substitutions. Come at me real, or dont even bother. I’m not one to pander.

I’ve been learning about Lucifer for about 14 years now. Dunno if anybody has heard of Aaron C Donahue, but thats where I started. A few years ago I found EA’s video where he invoked Lucifer in the desert and Lucifer gave the viewer a spell to figure out which spiritual familiar he has bestowed upon them. I did that encantation. I dont feel its anybody’s business who I was directed to.

Who am I drawn to the most? Myself of course. I am the master of my world, first and foremost. That said, of course I look to Lucifer for guidance (for lack of a better word). The goetia interests me a great deal, actually thats how I came to be Luciferian.

My Grandmother died when I was in my early twenties. At the time I was researching demons and wearing an Amon hoodie, I also wore a Furfur shirt. I felt odd having that stuff around. Seems like a lifetime ago honestly, Ive been through so much since then. I decided to be Christian, I was kinda in a weird spot for a week or two. I kept researching demons but from Solomon’s take on them. The second I learned about his magick triangle I tapped out and went back to my original beliefs. Fuck that in the butt crack to the nut sack, you know what I sayin?

That’s about it. I have read about Ma’at just a bit, and I see her words are well writren. Better than the ten commandments or the 9 Satanic sins and 11 Satanic virtues. We can get into that too if you’d like.

So yeah, thats about it as far as I can recount. Hope that clears things up for you. Thank you for taking an interest in my story. I feel welcome here, which doesnt sound like much but its a big deal on my end, so thank you.


Welcome! I love your intro, looking forward to seeing posts and comments from you!

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